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(Special Report) Philantropist Today : Femi Otedola & His Life of Giving....Now A Happy Man To Fulfilled His Dream To Augustine's university, Epe

  " Not what we give ,but what we share that Matters more.For the gift without the giver is but bare"- Oprah Winfrey By Mike Cerutti Osagie * The advance Oxford Learners Dictionary described a Dream as * A series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person's mind during sleep or meditation A dream can also be described as *A cherished aspiration, ambition, or ideal. For instance,one can be said to have  fulfilled a childhood dream when he  became champion" Dreams can take months, years or even decades to come to fruition...and as long as it is fulfilled,that is what matters most Our subject matter today is non other that the billionaire' Mogul called Femi Otedola ,the highly Celebrated  businessman and philanthropist who is the former chairman of Forte Oil PLC, and is the current executive chairman of Geregu Power PLC. Only recently he fulfilled his long kept dream when  handed over the completed block A of a multi-billion-naira faculty of engineeri

The Woman of Many Parts Called Amaka Anakwe Speaks of Her New Line of Business

It is not for nothing that she has been described in some section of the media as a woman of many parts Indeed  Amaka Anakwe,  from Abatete in Idemili North LGA of Anambra is  a royal Princess Whose actively involved in the Nollywood, she's also runs a  Missionary Evangelist, called *Water of Life Divine Mission to All People*.in addition to  running other hard core  businesses like real estate agency with special focus on residential leasing under her company 7th Estate Properties,in addition to managing a beauty world In a recent encounter with World Industry Leaders Magazine, she speaks on her new venture and many more * On what prompted her  to Start her new style business, she posited " It was a vision of God, I was running a boutique until one day I saw in a vision to change my line of business from boutique to a beauty salon. This beauty salon is for a bigger picture which I will talk about when the company moves into it. * On what does  looking good means to a woman. &

Exclusive : ThE 7 habits of highly effective public relations and marketing people:

 In the dynamic and fast-paced world of public relations and marketing, it takes more than just hard work to be successful. The most successful PR and marketing professionals exhibit certain habits that set them apart from the rest. Here are 7 habits of highly effective public relations and marketing people: Habit #1 They are proactive Effective PR and marketing professionals are proactive in their approach to their work. They are always looking for new opportunities and thinking ahead, anticipating potential challenges and obstacles before they arise. Habit #2 They prioritize relationship building Building relationships is a cornerstone of public relations and marketing. The most successful PR and marketing professionals prioritize relationship building with clients, partners, and stakeholders. They are approachable, personable, and empathetic, which helps to build trust and credibility. Habit #3 They “KISS” and communicate Communication is at the heart of public relations and marketi

Long Road To Aso Villa.....Former Beauty Queen turned Politician, Amaka Oguchi Orum Bares Her Mind Why Nigerians Should Vote In Abubakar Atiku As The Next President on February 25.

* After many years of waiting and several months of counting down; the much anticipated 2023 Presidential Election Is Here at last And come Saturday 25th  February 2023, Nigerians from all walks of life will be out in their millions to vote in  the next President to take over from the incumbent President Muhammadu Buhari GCFR  In this special encounter with us, Chief Mrs Amaka Oguchi Orum, a former Beauty Queen turned Politician bares her  mind   why she feels Alhaji Abubakar Atiku of PDP is the best bet to salvage Nigeria In her words " I am very optimistic that this much awaited 2023 presidential election will be marked as one of the positive turning points in Nigerian electoral system. We are seeing more people getting involved in the process and ensuring they will cast their votes for their preferred candidate come February 25th 2023.  There is no doubt that  this massive movement is seen most especially among the youths who are  eager to see  a  better and more prosperous new

Who Becomes Nigeria's Next President? Eno Udo, National integrity Award Convenor Backs Peter Obi

  As the entire Country Nigeria sets out to cast Their votes tomorrow to decide who will be the next president, Akwa Ibom princess , Nollywood Actor, producer ,restauranteur,   entrepreneur and convenor National integrity Award, Eno Udo has backed The Economist  who recently said  Peter Obi, presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP), is the best choice for Nigeria. In a recent article titled ‘Nigeria desperately needs a new kind of leadership’, the London-based newspaper said Obi diagnoses the country’s failings more precisely than his rivals. The newspaper, however, said Obi is not much better at explaining how he would fix the problems. “Obi, a sprightly 61-year-old former state governor who is leading in the polls, offers an alternative,” the article read. Now speaking to world Industry Leaders Magazine last night, Eno Udo was most eleborate on her choice of Obi "Personally my choice will be PETER OBI I love what the London economist said of him …..and to me,it is   not b

Eminent People In Nigerian Community, USA Plans Huge Supports For An illustrous Son ....As Top Designer Dhabri-khenchy Set To Celebrates Mum's Death In New Jersey

 " We all must die one day,but there is  nothing as good as giving the dead, a befitting burial that will make heaven itself to blaze"- Humanitarian Chief Mike Cerutti Osagie's  Submission It promises to be a historical landmark gathering event in USA because , for  to have lived a record of 102 years on earth today  is no doubt a life worth celebrating Little wonder , all Roads will be  leading to New Jersey for Mother Felicia Uloaku Emenyonu , (Nee Aliri) international Celebration of Life Ceremony for the much anticipated American / international version of the Celebration of life and Special wake keep abroad in Honor of Mother Felicia Uloaku Emenyonu , Mother of Top American based Nigeria fashion designer Dhabri-khenchy The exit of this great mother , humanitarian and lover of God was  officially announced by her family last month ,while the burial proper will be coming up.on  Sat.14th April 2023 in  the Eastern part of Nigeria later in the year;for now, the stage i