The Woman of Many Parts Called Amaka Anakwe Speaks of Her New Line of Business

It is not for nothing that she has been described in some section of the media as a woman of many parts

Indeed  Amaka Anakwe,  from Abatete in Idemili North LGA of Anambra is  a royal Princess Whose actively involved in the Nollywood, she's also runs a  Missionary Evangelist, called *Water of Life Divine Mission to All People*.in addition to running other hard core  businesses like real estate agency with special focus on residential leasing under her company 7th Estate Properties,in addition to managing a beauty world

In a recent encounter with World Industry Leaders Magazine, she speaks on her new venture and many more

* On what prompted her  to Start her new style business, she posited

" It was a vision of God, I was running a boutique until one day I saw in a vision to change my line of business from boutique to a beauty salon. This beauty salon is for a bigger picture which I will talk about when the company moves into it.

* On what does  looking good means to a woman.

" Looking good should be every woman's business, a woman should always look good for herself and for her husband, to look good brings confidence, I tell every woman, you don't have to break a bank to look good, stick to what you have and always keep it simple. If you have what it takes to look a billion dollars chick, why not, go ahead, honestly looking good they say is good business, I hundred percent agreed to this


* Of the basic service they offer at A&A

" Our beauty Palace and store, do hair styling of all kinds including braids, we also do make-up and nails plus sale of hair products.

* On her . NGO body 

"I have always been a passionate humanitarian, I've long been carrying out various humanitarian works like feeding schemes, free medical mission outreaches, donations to less privileged and Motherless children etc, before I registered my NGO, *Pillars of Africa Women and Youths Empowerment Foundation* to take the mission further, to empower women and youths in skill acquisitions and formal education by giving them grants and scholarships.

 * On her   traditional chieftain title....

"They say a good face doesn't hide, I can say my good face followed me in this case, because there were more qualified persons for this position but Grace found me. It was 2013  that the Igbo Film Forum gave me the Chieftaincy title of *AdaIgbo 1 na Nollywood* to continue the promotion of Igbo culture and language both in Nigeria and Diaspora. Many may see me as an English lady but I'm deep rooted in Igbo culture, I grew up under my Father the late John Okechukwu Anakwe ( Ichie Ezewulu) who was for years a Custodian of Anakwe Family till his death in 2017 at 92years, so I learnt alot from him my Father"

That is the woman of many parts Amaka Anakwe for you Today

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