Who Becomes Nigeria's Next President? Eno Udo, National integrity Award Convenor Backs Peter Obi


As the entire Country Nigeria sets out to cast Their votes tomorrow to decide who will be the next president, Akwa Ibom princess , Nollywood Actor, producer ,restauranteur,   entrepreneur and convenor National integrity Award, Eno Udo has backed The Economist  who recently said  Peter Obi, presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP), is the best choice for Nigeria.

In a recent article titled ‘Nigeria desperately needs a new kind of leadership’, the London-based newspaper said Obi diagnoses the country’s failings more precisely than his rivals.

The newspaper, however, said Obi is not much better at explaining how he would fix the problems.

“Obi, a sprightly 61-year-old former state governor who is leading in the polls, offers an alternative,” the article read.

Now speaking to world Industry Leaders Magazine last night, Eno Udo was most eleborate on her choice of Obi

"Personally my choice will be PETER OBI I love what the London economist said of him …..and to me,it is   not because he is best candidate for the seat but because i personally feel it’s time we Nigerians try something else different from APC and PDP. We have seen what the two other parties have been able to deliver all this years, so it’s not wrong if we go for something else. 

"PETER OBI is not an Angel neither is he a Magician, but there is no harm if we decide to give him a Chance. We are all doing this for the best of Nigeria. It has nothing to do with Tribe or Religion. Other Parties are also good and everyone is free to vote for his own choice,but above all LET THE WILL OF GOD BE DONE IN NIGERIA in the coming Election and let the best Person/Party win of which I believe he's the best ," she stated

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