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 " No man is good enough to govern another man without that other's consent "- Sir Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865) ∆ When a few years ago, Lagos state Governor, Akinwunmi Ambode stated his ambition to turn the bustling Lagos city to a global city in four years, many didn't take him serious, today, the man has gone a huge step forward in that direction WORLD LEADERS online platform was informed last night how Lagos is soaring higher, when other states groan with unpaid salaries etc We can reveal authoritatively that Lagos State economy got a N50 billion boost this month through spending in the creative sector. Information and Strategy Commissioner Steve Ayorinde confirmed this to us and said from various reports, statistics and analyses monitored over the last few days, additional spending of about N50billion in the creative entertainment sector was recorded within the last 25 days. He described this as reinforcing the profile of the state as t

SPECIAL TRIBUTE : RT. HON YAKUBU DOGARA @ 50: The Silent Philanthropist as a Politician…..20 Things You Must Note About Him

“No person was ever honored for what he received, honor has always been a reward for what one gave"- Sir Calvin Coolidge, USA 30th President © By Mike Cerutti Osagie( " Czar of letters ") A LOT has no doubt been said of the man Rt Honourable Yakubu Dogara an astute politician who is serving the 14th and current Speaker of the Nigerian House of Representatives. But not many people are aware of the other side of Dogara, who clocked the golden age of 50 on Boxing day, 26 th December 2017 In this rare classical tribute, award winning celebrity prolific writer, Mike Cerutti Osagie, attempts to feed readers with few things about Dogara they never knew and that can definitely inspire them, Enjoy the 20 Things You Must Note About Dogara 1 Shakespeare's submission that " some men are born great; others achieve greatness and some had greatness bestowed on them" Simply is a true reflection of Rt Honourable YAKUBU DOGAR

GTBank and Innosson: Kill The Tribal Sentiment!!! By Emeka Nwachukwu

This morning, I feel the need to let out my voice and speak on this raging issue; I apologize in advance to those who might feel offended but I sincerely feel a need to speak on this and educate people. It’s on this issue of GTBank and Innosson. Suddenly the matter has taken a curve and suddenly its being cited as another “attack” against the Igbos. Suddenly there is a war cry: All Igbos must close their GTB accounts and move them to Diamond and Fidelity. Suddenly, with the lapse of the last “Biafra” episode, another opportunity has been presented for another macabre dance. I don’t know Innosson. Neither do I have any relationship with GTBank. I read through what reportedly transpired and without prejudice, GTBank might have appeared to have acted inappropriately like ALL our banks do. On the other hand, GTBank has alleged that Innosson presented false import papers etc. I can see a transaction that went awry, but no tribal targeting; it was basically business. A

FOR THE RECORD: Whopping $1bn ECA Fund to Fight Boko Haram updates .........Meet the NASS Members who opposed it and their reasons

$1bn ECA Fund to Fight Boko Haram  * Enter the Senators who opposed it and their reasons © BY CHIEF MIKE CERUTTI OSAGIE  F:WORLD LEADERS ONLINE MAGAZINE PLATFORM   " The president cannot make clouds to rain, he cannot make the corn to grow, he cannot make business to be good "- William Howard Taft Though the National Executive Council has finally approved the much debated $1bn fund aimed at completely eradicating the dreaded Boko Haram nemesis, it was not an easy passage It is on record that the Federal Government planned withdrawal of $1bn from the Excess crude Account to fight insurgence was a most strategic move, a few senators and legislators initially kicked hard against this move For the benefit of our global readers, WORLD Leaders. Com hereby present the outspoken legislators who were initially against this move and why they initially objected 1: Senator Sani Shehu, representing Kaduna central