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Luxury:ENTER THE PROPERTY Business Side of the woman called Adedoyin AMANGBO....And 10 Things To Note Before Entering the Property Business

  Dr. Rosaline Adedoyin Amangbo is a woman of many parts ,most of which has been celebrated in the past , today Richlist Magazine will brief you of her  involvement in the lucrative and luxurious property development and investment through her company, Jacamiah Global Business Venture. The company, Jacamiah Global Real Estate Ltd, was incorporated on April 1, 2009, and provides property development services  This role model to many youths is skilled in entrepreneurship, real estate development, brokerage, working with brokers, and investments, and has a demonstrated history of working in the real estate industry  Additionally, Dr. Rosaline Adedoyin Amangbo is involved in commercial property brokerage, financing, and valuing commercial properties  It's clear that Dr. Rosaline Adedoyin Amangbo has a strong presence in the real estate industry, with a focus on property development, investment, and commercial property brokerage. * About Adedoyin Rosaline Amangbo and Jacamiah Global Bus

DREAMING TO BE DOLLAR MILLIONAIRE LIKE WIZKID, DAVIDO, TIWA SAVAGE, TIMAYA ETC?.... . Veteran Showbiz Impresario, Edi Lawani Offers young acts this top 10 Tips

" No one respects a talent that is concealed"- Desiderius Erasmus. °By Mike Ceruti  I must confess that I had sleepless nights trying to present this inspirational classic by the enigmatic brand called Edie Lawani for our youths of today  Where do one start in trying to introduce this man man called Edi Lawani who has handled the biggest productions in the music industry in the entire West African region, incubated stars and helped a lot of careers in showbiz to kickoff....Even till date, the biggest concerts have him as the orchestrator. To put it succinctly , this man is Edi  wani is the  Head Consultant at Showbiz Network Services Ltd. / Paragonis Multi-Media Productions Well ,in a nutshell I think it  will be a disservice to put just one name on what Eddie Lawani does in the entertainment sector.  With a career spanning over three decades, Lawani is one of the prominent event organisers and music promoters in the Nigerian entertainment industry.  Only two nights ago in a


  By PROFESSOR MIKE A. A. OZEKHOME, SAN, CON, OFR, FCIARB, LL.M, PH.D, LL.D, D.LITT, D.SC, D.HL. INTRODUCTION   The unfortunate misstep and subsequent fall of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu during this year's Democracy Day celebrations ( which he has since humorously dismissed as a form of Yoruba "dobale" -genuflection )-quickly swirled around and became the stuff of internet gossip and street-corner small-talk.  Reactions varied widely but, many tended to make light of it, while others (the usual suspects?) saw it as evidence of the President’s physical incapacity to cope with the tedious demands of his office. Political opportunism also set in, with yet others seeing the mishap as an “I-told you-so moment”, openly voicing their belief that the President's main opponents in the last election - Atiku Abubakar and Peter Obi (particularly the latter) – would not have suffered that fate, given their presumed better physical fitness.  Some of these remarks were, undoubtedly,

Leader's Today ... Overcoming Initial Setback in Life, by Dr Peejay

  #How You Too Can overcome Rejection & Bounce back to the Top " I believe that rejection is a blessing because it's the universe's way of telling you that there's something better out there" - Sir Tony Elumelu, serial investor, business tycoon & philanthropist • This quote by the Global Africa's billionaire Dr Tony Elumelu   best fits the life and times of the flamboyant man of God in person of Bishop Dr Joseph Ighalo Edoro, aka Peejay who  is a highly respected  clergyman, big stage conference speaker and entrepreneur He is the Leader of ‘A Touch From Heaven International Ministry and has been celebrating on his social network how he was formally rejected but overcame it by special grace of God Last night we caught up with him to ask for tips people can use to bounce back from Rejection.. • Brand Advertisement  He lectured  •*Five Steps to Overcome Rejection* Dealing with rejection can be challenging, but there are effective strategies to overcome it