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A STORY OF RESILIENCE....Tiger Woods,a True Champion

Woods: Recently Operated on Knee; But thinking of Early Return To Action • A Cerutti Media Group Human Angle Story of The Day ~ The respected Oxford advance dictionary described Resilience as ^ The mental ability to recover quickly from depression, illness or misfortunes° And that is the only apt way to describe the story and mindset of global brand super star Golf icon, Tiger Woods Only last night Woods announced that he had an arthroscopic procedure on his left knee last week but expects to return to play in a PGA Tour event in Japan in late October. He announced that the procedure was performed by Dr. Vern Cooley and was to repair minor cartilage damage. Woods released a statement from Cooley, who said: "I expect Tiger to make a full recovery. We did what was needed, and also examined the entire knee. There were no additional problems.'' Woods had reconstructive ACL surgery on his left knee after his 2008 U.S. Open victory. This is be


Mike De Cerutti Osagie Just now  ·  EXPERT REMINDS BUHARI TO FOCUS ON AGRIC Expert in Petrochemical & Environmental Engineering, Chief Dr Basil Chukwura Ezeamiekwe LAST night told us “First we eat, and then we do everything else "Let me tell you about the power of doing business with food and agriculture in Africa. "There are a few things you could go without for a week or even a month, right? Not food and water because without these, it would be plain impossible for humans to exist on earth. Now, take that into the context of Africa and its rising population, and you will quickly understand how powerful and profitable the agricultural sector and related food industries in Africa are going to be. Africa has one of the world’s largest populations and the biggest number of people under forty years old who will be both workers and consumers. And it has a fast-rising middle class that now wants food varieties on their tables. "I SPEAK

STATE OF THE NATION :A Butcher’s judgement ... typically British

By Louis Odion, FNGE A poor reading of the verdict by the London court slapping a historic penalty of $9b on Nigeria last Friday is viewing it as an affirmation of the law of contract. No, it is not. Rather, it is the orchestration of international politics and neo-colonial power-play at their vilest. Indeed, let no one be deceived that objectivity is assured in the interpretation of international law by even angels, especially when the interests of multinationals are in dispute concurrently across jurisdictions. In such circumstance, pure nationalistic instinct is likely to trump fidelity to reason or the universal principle of fairplay. For ages, the doctrine of sovereign immunity was, for instance, often invoked by powerful nations of the West to commit blue murder anywhere across the universe. But good students of history will recall that attempt later in the 70s by newly independent African nations to draw on the same principle ended ghastly. In the international cour