International Pageant .....Dhabri- khenchy, Nigeria International Designer in America Appeals To Federal Government to Support Miss ECOWAS representative, Irene Uche

A Nigerian born International fashion designer and talent hunter based in United State  of America has made a passionate appeal to the Federal Government of Nigeria and corporate organizations to come forward and support the young Miss Irene Uche who is expected to  represent  Nigeria at this years  MISS ECOWAS CEDEAO BRUXELLS coming next month 

Making this call last week the  CEO of the Dhabri- khenchy Clothing's company USA emphasized that the young beauty queen is carrying the brand & image of the entire Country hence deserve support ,stating that his organization along cannot carry all the burden of sponsorship

On her part, speaking about the Pageant, Miss Irene Uche, the Nigerian's representative described  Miss ECOWAS as a very  large project

The finale of Miss ECOWAS Cedeao International comes up on the 5th of November 2022, which will happen live in Brussel, Belgium. 

In her  words "The world should expect a spectacular show and also expect the best from me, I am open for sponsorship and support because all these while, 

Mr Khenchy of Dhabri- Khenchy clothing company has been my key supporter and   the key sponsor, he has been of great help and has given 100% support so far"

On what goodies  goodies await new sponsors

She posited "Both new and old sponsors will get a hundred percent promotion for promotion for their brands, what they represent and what they stand for.


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