Enter The Prolific Profile Of Dr Linus Okorie And His Key Visions As Imo Governor 2019

Respected philosopher, Herb Caen once stated thus:

 “A city is not gauged by its length and width, but by the broadness of its vision and the height of its dreams”.

Such can easily be said of the visions and aspirations of Dr Linus Chinedu Okorie, popularly known as Linus Okorie- an astute man with very intimidating educational and leadership background, now aspiring to lead Imo State to land of prosperity and abundance
Not too long ago, this wordsmith attended leadership workshops  staged by the leadership guru com politician at Rock view Hotels, Owerri…his vision for women , youths and future of Imo was most thought provoking , for example, he highlighted on why the world  needs women leaders and how you can become an extra ordinary leader.

Here are three things he said:
1. Women are the biggest influencers you can think of.
Eva Peron, wife of former Argentina President Juan Peron wielded such powers and was very instrumental in her husband’s political career.
“The makeup of a woman is such that the woman is an influential person.
It is either she impacts you on the positive or negative.”
“How many people have heard the song “Don’t cry for me Argentina?”? The song is written because of a woman that is called Eva Peron. Eva Peron is perhaps the most widely known female figure in Argentine history. Evita as she is often known was instrumental in championing both the rights of workers and women’s right and was given the title spiritual leader of the nation by congress in 1952 when she died.

She was the wife of President Juan Peron
A woman that supported her husband so much that her husband succeeded in his quest to become the president of Argentina.
She was so powerful that she helped effect the change which made the women to have the right to vote in her country. She was so powerful that while working on the street, people would stretch to touch her.
At some point, she went around the world meeting with different Heads of States to support her husband’s vision to transform Argentina.
2. It is impossible for a man to respect a woman who lacks the capacity to become a support system to him.
For the society to be great, the family has to work again. And for the family to work, the women have a great role to play.
Whenever a man is in power and there is some element of wickedness associated to that man, look closely you would find out that somebody is not doing her work very well. The simplest person to be controlled is the man because men are babies. Every woman knows what/how to influence her husband and so can influence him more than anyone else either positively or negatively.
3. Every good system must support women to be able to thrive.
In countries that work, it is the women that make things happen. I remember while I was contesting for elections as SUG President, the women made a great difference. They came to me and said to me “we have been watching you Linus Okorie. Since you were able to serve us even before aspiring for this leadership position, we would support you”. And they did exactly what they said by influencing the elections in my favor.
Any system that knows how to empower women would go far. We are not talking of empowerment of Keke or soap making.
What does it really mean to empower the woman?
First elevate the mind of the woman and impose certain intellectual and attitudinal content.
A woman is who she is because of what is inside her and not is what is external. What is outside is usually make up.
Most women spend quality time only on what to wear to appeal to other people forgetting that we are in a global village; the packaging should go beyond external.
What kind of skill does a woman need in order to elevate you that your relevance appears to all?
Seek for self re-invention
What does it mean?
It simply means to reinvent yourself.

On a daily basis you must appear new in your mind, just the same way you like to appear new in your make-up and dressing.
Reinvent yourself everyday so that when somebody comes to you, they would see something new. When you know more, your mind opens up, when you become a perpetual learner, you grow in confidence, knowledge and whenever you open your mouth people would respect you.
Dr Linus Okorie concluded with the statement below.
“I want to leave a legacy behind as a leader, I want to make a positive difference in our society that is why am running for election
My Vision for Imo : A world class state filled with endless possibilities.
My Mission: To model a world class Imo filled with endless possibilities through massive human capital development and youth employment, attraction of global and local resources and unleashing excellence in governance leading to a quality, productive robust and thriving economy for all Imo people
As 2019 Governorship race draws closer, the election arena gets hotter, with more youth showing interest in political positions. And in Imo state the same scenario is also playing out
 The contenders for Governor Okorocha’s seat are many and some have great prospects, but chief among them is Linus Chinedu Okorie, popularly known as Linus Okorie. He is an astute man with very intimidating educational background, he is the Managing Consultant of New Vision Consults, a world class leadership consulting firm he founded in 2007, which thrives in advising and training top level civil servants, government officials, military and paramilitary as well as the private sector.
 He is the West African Representative of Adair International, United Kingdom , also author of “Footprints; Leading Beyond Today” and the President and Founder of Guardians of The Nation International (GTNI), a non-profit leadership development organization based in Abuja, Nigeria.
Born on 30 April 1974, Linus Okorie doubles as a conference and motivational speaker and regular guest on various Print, TV and Radio platforms. He is also the TV Host of “Leadership Clinic” where he has handled intricate topics about leadership. With this pedigree from such a gubernatorial candidate, one can safely say that Rochas Okorocha’s job is on the line in Imo State.
Linus Okorie who hails from Oguta LGA in Imo State, was born and raised in Kumba town in Cameroun, where he had his primary education and then attended Government Secondary School Owerri where he was the Senior Prefect of his set. Going further to study History and International Relations at Imo State University, Owerri, where he had his first taste of politics as the first elected Student’s Union President.  
He started GOTNI as a university student and after his NYSC at the National Assembly Abuja, he enrolled at Lagos Business School where he became the Research and Executive Assistant to Prof Pat Utomi. In his quest for more education he currently holds a Master’s Degree on Organisational Leadership from Regent University, USA.
And is also an Alumnus of International Visitors Leadership Programme (IVLP), a member of the Third World Leadership Association (TWLA), based in the Bahamas with the late Dr. Myles Munroe as Chairman. Linus is also a board member, Imo State University Alumni. He was an Assistant Secretary, Senate Committee on Integration in Africa and National Assembly Joint Committee on Constitution Review (2002), respectively. Linus Okorie has graced many live conferences, radio and television platforms across Africa, Middle East, Europe and USA as guest speaker, trainer and advisor. He is married to Nkiru with whom he has two daughters Ebubechukwu, Chimamaka and a son Chukwuebuka.

Linus Okorie declared his gubernatorial ambition in 2017, and in 2018 Linus Okorie unveiled his logo for the Imo 2019 gubernatorial race. The colorful logo which depicts an abstract of the Harvard Kennedy School Alumnus is built around the concept of “Imo Nkeanyi” which means “Our Imo” and serves as a symbol of the shared aspirations of Imo people for better governance. This symbol would serve as the flagship grassroots mobilization movement of Linus Okorie’s gubernatorial aspiration.
 His trademark slogan “From Sincerity 1999 to Prosperity 2019, is meant to help galvanise Imo State indigenes into endorsing him as the best candidate for the state. With Linus’ achievements with GOTNI, which has developed 15 leadership brands to train and nurture youths, elected officials and the general public on effective leadership skills and values. Linus Okorie has carved a niche as an authority in Leadership Development and will definitely impact Imo State with his experience in Leadership.
 The misguided and directionless leadership of Governor Okorocha is enough to get any right thinking Imo State indigene on his toes, armed with his PVC and ready for a change to Prosperity in 2019.

In an interview which he WORLD LEADERS ONLINE

MAGAZINE, where he was asked if he wants to govern Imo State, he stated that “I have been having pressures since 2015, to run for the governorship of the state, from people from all over the world, who think I can make a difference in my state; but I didn’t think 2015 was the right time. The pressures have continued even further. Right now, I am searching my soul, having a lot of conversations, trying to know which way to go. I am positioning my mind-set, asking the question whether it is time to galvanize the gifts and talents God has given me in various commitments and experiences in new thinking to see whether we can bring it to add value to the state. At the appropriate time, the world will hear my decision on this particular matter”.

Also when asked about the readiness of youths to contest for and win elections and how he intends to break the jinx he says “I am not making any promises now. The point I am trying to make is that, if, for the 24 years of my life, I have committed in investing in the next generation of leaders, it means I have seen the future; I have seen the possibilities. There are many young people in this country who, despite the harsh environment, have pushed themselves beyond boundaries and have succeeded, gaining national and international recognitions.

In 2014, the American government nominated me for honours in the US, based on the work I was doing in Nigeria basically. If I could take an idea from Imo State University, Owerri, that was unknown, and the idea is still standing strong over the years and is globally relevant, and the impact could be felt nationally too, and people have found directions from what I do, and I mentored thousands across Nigeria, I don’t see why I can’t be given the mantle.

I have my mentees from all over the world. Probably, we have talked enough; it is time to practicalize some of these things. Politics is a game of numbers, so what is important is the ability of young people to be prepared. I don’t believe you give a young man a post because he is asking for it. No! Anybody who wants to dine with the kings should be able to wash his hands well.

 The truth of the matter is that I have paid my dues for 24 years, and have had an uncommon experience. I have interacted with all the big people in the country in different spheres, and I have developed my mind and acquired certifications based on leadership development. I have prepared myself for any task. I can say I am more than qualified to run for the president of this country. If I am the president of this country, I know I will turn things around. There is a misconception that if you have money, you can take the leadership of this country. We must shift our mentality from that kind of notion. What we are looking for are visionary leaders who come with the commitment for the common good”.
Strong words of conviction from a very intelligent and result-driven man. Now Imo have option in Dr Linus Okorie
·        *Reported by Chief Mike DE Cerutti Osagie

·        WHATSAP #  +234 7042631895


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