A Grass To Grace Epic....Enter the Captivating Story of The Nigerian Born Gabe Osabuohien who is lighting up USA College basketball

• He gives hopes to immigrants, youths and aspiring athletes

Gabe Osabuohien lights up USA College basketball

Standing at 6ft 8in tall, Gabe Osabuohien is making big waves in USA College basketball, playing as a power forward for West Virginia University, Morgantown. Son of Kingsley and Roseline Osabuohien, immigrants from Nigeria, Gabe has just graduated in Communications Advertising and Sports Psychology and is now studying for his Master’s degree

The energy he brings off the bench on the defensive end of the floor is unmatched. 22 -year-old Gabe, now one of the best defensive players in USA College basketball has his eyes on the NBA  as a possible draft pick in 2022.

How the journey started 

Osabuohien seems to have been born with basketball in his heart. Roseline, his mother recalls that Gabe used to turn almost every object into a basketball or a throwing toy. He just folds whatever is placed in his hands and tosses it in the air like a basketball.

The parents did not dismiss this intuition and they quickly registered him in Toronto Raptors Basketball Academy at six years old. His talents stood out and the rest is history.

One on one with Osabuohien   

 Gabe Osabuohien lights up USA College basketball

Gabe has some nuggets which can be applied not just to basketball but to the game of life.

What motivates me

“Being able to experience, and reach my current level of success Is a blessing. Growing up my coach always told me I have less than 2% chance of playing college basketball. Coming from a different country even lowered that further.

Just being able to look at where I come from and seeing where I am now motivates me to keep  going. I want to create a better life for me and for those I love. I also desire to serve as motivation to the next upcoming immigrant kid or people looking up to me.

How to handle defeats

I handle defeats by bouncing back, I usually do not dwell on defeats for long. Once it hits midnight it is a new day. I try to use defeats as a learning experience I don’t call defeats losses I see them as lessons instead because we learn from them.

LeBron James and other role models

First LeBron James,  someone who has always been the best basketball player in my eyes , seeing him develop into the legendary player he is now from a kid makes me appreciate his greatness

Second is the late Kobe Bryant because of his mentality and the will to be great. Kobe has the greatest mindset I’ve ever seen in attacking and giving 110%, every time

Gabe Osabuohien lights up USA College basketball

Dream big

My advise for younger or newer players is that they should have big goals and dreams. Then put in the work. You can never cheat the game of basketball. The work you put in when no one is looking is what will come to the light when it’s time to play.

It’s also important to stay humble and be submissive to all coaches. They want to win but they usually have the best interest of the players at heart.

Music, basketball, and more

Outside of basketball I love music and have grown to love it more. Just hearing people’s stories through their music and their lifestyle is uplifting for me.

I also enjoy trading stocks and binary options in the foreign exchange. I’m part of one of the best investment groups. We not only make money but help several others make money on a daily basis.

Nigeria and Africa

For sure, it would be a very nice experience to represent Nigeria in basketball someday. I have been able to play basketball at the highest level in college and high school and have met several players who came straight from Nigeria.

Nigeria is my original native land . Despite their many challenges, representing that country would be amazing.”

Latest news and what’s next?

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), has just granted Osabuohien permission to capitalize on his name, image and brand and do endorsements. Businesses and brands in USA, Canada and abroad can now collaborate with Osabuohien  to elevate their brands.

Osabuohien is certainly heading places. But he hasn’t forgotten his African roots. Big Mac and cheese might taste great  but oxtail pepper soup is still his favourite treat!

“The secret to success, in life and in business, is to work hard at the margin – relentlessly. “

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