QUOTE "If you  cannot help 100, help just 1"-Mother Theresa 

MEDICAL mission has been in existence long  ago but not very popular in Nigeria

This is an act of helping the needy and giving them drugs , food, money and hope and one women who is secretly doing this is  the lady of God called  Binta Jalingo of the Tabitha World missionary outreach 

 Binta Jalingo, is  a fulani by tribe, born in Lagos, Ikeja cantonment, her  father was an army officer, he is retired now,she is from the Emirate, jalingo, in Taraba, by that, she is a princess by birth,

Speaking in a brief chat with WORLD LEADERS, she said " I lived all my life in the south and the east. My father had wanted me to be a lawyer, after I finished my secondary school,he wanted me to study Islamic law, but in reality, I did not want to be lawyer, but a Journalist. You know in the army, you have to obey the last order, so, I went to study Islamic law in Egypt, when i came back, my father wanted me to go into practice, that is, to be a lawyer in sharia court. With the support of my mother, I went to the university of Nsukka to study mass communication, after which i started working in NTA. I rose up to the rank of Executive Director, I was in that position because i was a Muslim.

" I was a fanatical Muslim The havoc I have done in the Christendom and against the gospel, I can only say God is just too merciful to me. When i was in secondary school, I went to a girl school in the east, we were told to bring Bible, so we carry Bibles to Kaduna to burn, we thought that is the only way to stop the Gospel, but nobody can stop God, the truth cannot be stopped, that was happened, when Jesus died, the grave could not hold him."

Binta story is long an interesting and we will be projecting it in few days, for now, she says her passion is to commit her life, time and money in  medical missionary,

Binta Jalingo will be talking more to you shortly

WASAP +234 7042631895


  1. May God continues bless and prosper your mission. May souls be won for the kingdom of God .May the sick be healed and may God deliver those who are suffering so God's name can be glorified amen.

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  3. Islamic Law is not like common law, she can't open a chamber,she can't represent a client..everyone acused defends him/herself..and she can't be.a Judge too....So she lied!


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