RCCG Global Leader, Adeboye Speaks To Today's Youths on Benefits Of Work Over Laziness

 He needs little or no introduction all over the world; his name often rings a very loud bell and anytime he speaks, the youths and aged listens attentively

In continuation of our long inspirational classics on PST Enoch Adejare Adeboye,the big stage speaker & worldwide leader of RCCG, he today speaks to today's Global youths on ills of laziness

Hear him " Our youths of today must be weary of the evil called laziness and I will tell them first ,that in life,all good things come to those who Waits,except gold medals 

" So in essence ,Work ,work & more work should be your motto,for it is better to be workaholic than to be lazy

" Again, I wish to tell our youths today that hard work does not kill but laziness does, hence hunger will always win the Case against lazy

" And for all those who are owing Lot's of debts, I advice them that weeping is not the cure of debt and hunger,hard work is...hence talking about it won't pay your debt, only hard work and self- discipline will,that is why our youths must rise before it's too late"

~ We thank Pa Adeboye for this good tips, till next time

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