The Lasting Reputation Of The Onaiwu Dynasty ............Dr. Mrs. Uwaila Edeki Johnson Advises Idahosa Okunbo To Seek Forgiveness From God


Globally revered investor and serial philanthropist Sir Warren Buffet was most apt when he warned that "It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you'll do things differently."


Now as if inspired by that warning, Dr. Mrs. Uwaila Edeki Johnson, all the way from New York, USA has fired a salvo on Benin business mogul in person of Capt Hosa West Okunboh


In the most elaborate position paper made available to World Leaders (Reputation brand segment) last night, Dr. Mrs. Uwaila Edeki Johnson was most explicit




For some time now, I have been following up on the developments back in my well beloved homeland, Benin City, despite being away here in New York for so long. I am aware of the contestations for the leadership of the state and the dimension the electioneering process has taken. It is saddening that our democratic system has brought out uncultured elements into the play.

I must state quickly that many of the issues one comes across leave so much to be desired. Right from my days of self awareness at Baptist High School, we Binis pride ourselves as noble, civil, and hardworking people who cherish our cultural, communal and family values dearly.

It is in that light that I find one disturbing article quite distasteful. The article which was written by one Emmanuel Odigie, apparently at the instance of one Idahosa Okunbo sought to cast aspersions on the integrity of a Bini family that I hold in high esteem - the Onaiwu family.

My admiration for the Onaiwus does not stem singularly from him acquaintance with a few folks from their family(yes Efosa Onaiwu (now Mrs Oyakhire) and Odeh Onaiwu (now Mrs Okoro) were my contemporaries at Baptist High School), but I grew up knowing the family as deeply religious, disciplined and amiable. Their father, Pa Samuel Onaiwu was a foremost educationist who instilled good values in his children as well as other wards who came in contact with him.

It was then a rude shock to read despicable things about the Onaiwus from the said Idahosa Okunbo. I have tried to recall, albeit unsuccessfully, the background of Idahosa. I cannot vividly place the Okunbo family in the sphere of reckoning within known families and compounds in Benin City while growing up.

The major popular families then in Benin were the Akenzuas, the Osundes, the Onaiwus, the Osunbors, Bello-Osagies, Lawanis, Obasekis, Ebohons, Ogbemudias, Arokos, Ikhimwins Uzameres, Omoruyis, Aifuwas, Bazuayes, Agbonteans and a few others.

It is therefore not only uncharitable for the writer of that piece to claim Idahosa Okunbo sponsored the burial of Pa Onaiwu but it is also uncultural and ungodly. I know for sure that the man trained his children well. Many of them are well to do and and leading their successful lives in their chosen field of endeavour across the globe. They wouldn't have committed the responsibility of their father's burial to an uncouth stranger.

Osaro Onaiwu who the writer seems to be crossed with is just the 9th of the 13 children of Pa Onaiwu. If anything, he is not in a place to solely bury his father, less so receive sponsorship from any quarters for the same purpose. That is a weighty assertion to make. Let no one dishonour the memory of the dead.

By the way, the Osaro Onaiwu that I know was amiable to everyone in school. He was a high-flier in Bendel State school sports and also literally society. Osaro was generous to a fault as a young student so it is hard for me to find the correlation with the dark brush the writer is trying to tarnish him with.

Even the matter of later Dr. Osagie Onaiwu's health which the unfortunate writer referenced is a sad reminder of the callous and unconscionable disposition of whoever inspired that discourse. We all knew Osagie grew up with sickle cell. His medical frailties didn't stop him from reaching the zenith of his calling, graduating as the best medical student at the University of Lagos during his time.

I reckon Osagie attained over 60 years of age before succumbing to the cold hands of death. Could Idahosa Okunbo in good conscience lay any tangible claim to the late Osagie's wellbeing when his family had always managed his medical issues till his last days? When did Hosa pay his medical bill? Who did he pay to and how much? Even if he offered any form of assistance at any time, should it be a subject of reference in a condescending manner? What kind of crass pettiness is that?

By my assumption, Idahosa is contemporaneous with Osaro who is by far my junior hence I am in a place to advise or caution both of them. Politics is fickle. That they may currently be on dissenting paths as regards their political choices but that does not confer the toga of indecency on them.

People should be able to disagree without being disagreeable. Going personal or rousing family feuds just because of political differences is an unwise and uncouth thing to do. I advise Idahosa Okunbo to disassociate himself from that distasteful article and seek forgiveness from God and the family.

Even if it is true that he had been of support to any member of the family at any point in the past, it still does not warrant him making condescending claims against the integrity of the Onaiwu family.

By the way, our culture and tradition encourages social support to family and friends as much as it abhors debasement of beneficiaries. There's nothing a man has that has not been bestowed on him by providence.


·        Dr. Mrs. Uwaila Edeki Johnson, Sent this piece from here  New York base


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