EXCELLENCE Arise... As Abuja Hilton sets to Mark 30 Years of Meticulous Services, late Fred Achibong' s Art Works Still Looms Large @ Hotel Foyer

" Elect the best.. No matter the price tag.Choose the best and shun mediocrity"- Robert Schuller, American clergyman and philosopher

All is now set for grand celebration of front line African luxurious hotel Transcorp Hilton at 30 extravaganza

Today marks a record of three decades of excellent service consistently being provided by the opulent hotel

And last night when World Leaders online, magazine went to pick the special invitation invite to tonight's dinner we saw new lease of life being spiced into the hotel and guest checking in from all over the world

However when we strolled to the foyar leading to the banquet hall we were carried away to see staffs cleaning all the art works by the water side

Of particular attention was the works of late  creator and master artistic sculptor Fred Achibong which- whose works  still looms large in the hotel since 1992

No doubt, the class, customer services and consistency of Hilton Abuja at 30 must be commended

We wish the chairman, board of directors and entire staffs of the luxury Haven more grease and success as they mark 30 years of tourism success

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