World Leaders • Com True Wealth Series: Dr Phil On Art Of Gathering Money Little By Little.

Preparation is mother of good fortune- corporate Machiavelli

Not so long ago,during the 2017 Global Money week held in Abuja,Nigeria's apex bank CBN held an elaborate symposium and  advised youths and
students on need to imbibe savings culture so as to enjoy robust stress free future

Now Public Relations expert, Dr Phil Osagie has added his voice and tabled a super tip on growing money peacefully

Hear him:  " Many always talk of their aspiration of big break and prays fervently for it to come.  

 " Big break is good but it is not something you must wait for.. Big break comes with big worries

" Best and true wealth comes by gathering little by little, step by step... It's best way one can attain true wealth"

•Dr. Phil Osagie is a global communication's specialist and an expert on Emerging Markets, especially Africa. He is CEO and head strategist JSP Nigeria.

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