This book could not have been possible without the divine Grace of
Our almighty GOD; to Him I give all the glory.
 The Cerutti Media  and Books Inc wish to thank most profoundly , the APGA publicity Secretary, Hon Chinedu Nkwonta aka Eduboy Super Star who was magnanimous to fill us in on the Governor’s untold secret
Hon Nkwonta and I have come a long way, it is a relationship of friends, turned brothers, and our two decade friendship has over yield dividends beyond words. This mini book could not have been complete without him. God bless
I also wish to thank high Chief Hon Benny Obaze of BEVISTA, who once told me that one of the most stylish personality in Nigerian politics is Governor Obiano, long before he became top politician, he will dress up and spice his collection with a loud pocket square as mark of class and add a dash of panache with a bowler heart, I thanks Hon Obaze and all who were directly or indirectly associated in motivating me to flaunt the Governor’s great side


The Africa’s wordsmith, Cerutti M. Osage,aka  ‘the czar of letters’,
Takes   the reader once again on an eventful, rollicking journey
through the astonishing and eventful life of the dynamic African
Silent Action Governor and Achiever, Willie Obiano.
 From the Rustic tranquility of his early youths, through the ever vacillating Corporate world and steady rise to the top and his philanthropic Gesture, every paragraph is loaded to the hilt.

It is yet another vintage wine delight by the African wordsmith.
In this book, Chief Willie Obiano who served as astuute banker, technocrat, politician and the fourth Democratic Governor of Anambra State has his top secrets revealed by his close aide and APGA state publicity secretary divulged Honourable Chinedu Nkwonta
The book is project of long vision,for  not so long ago, afte I have alerted in one of my several social Network platforms of my intentions to do an in-debt story on Chief Dr Willie Obiano .Shortly after that promo and even till lately, not a few youths and elders from East and even in Diaspora America have been bombarding me
To shoot-and shoot the piece now.
 Obiano story reminds one of the globally famous and evergreen quotations by Reverend Jesse  Jackson the erstwhile America’s black Presidential candidate,
At a historic   Democratic Convention in New York. Thundered
The black pearl: ‘All of us are not born giants, with silver
Spoons in our mouth and gold slippers on our feet. Some of are
Born short of hope, short of opportunity, abandoned, neglected,
Homeless, motherless, teeth crooked, eyes tangled, dream
Busted. But somebody has got to measure their greatness not
By leaping up but by reaching out and loving and caring and

Congratulations on becoming a sexagenarian. It has been pointed out that people born in the 1950's have now lived in seven decades, two centuries, and two millenniums and we are not even that old yet.......we're just that cool! 
The six decades since your birth the world has seen remarkable changes and improvements in geographies, sciences, technologies, and world affairs. Your own native Nigeria is younger than you by five years (got her independence in 1960) and the whole of the continent has changed politically and geographically since your birth.
We have gone from first generation jet aircraft to an active space station to a proposed manned Mars mission.  In the fifties the only computers around were housed in university buildings the size of a house, now you carry them in your pocket or on your wrist (and have more computing power than those originals, too!). However what are most remarkable about the last six decades is.....YOU!! Happy birthday and may this mark the beginning of the second half of your life.


Going through a selected list of world’s best ten quote on giving, one will not be wrong to describe His Excellency, Willie Obiano, as man towing the line of greatness via his large heart of giving
Here is the top world quote on giving:

*If the world seems cold to you, kindle fires to warm it.
— Lucy Larcom
*Go out into the world and do good until there is too much good in the world.
— Larry H. Miller
*One is not born into the world to do everything but to do something.
— Henry David Thoreau
*The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit.
— Nelson Henderson
*The great use of life is to spend it for something that outlasts it.
— William James
*If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.
— Mother Teresa
*It takes each of us to make a difference for all of us.
— Jackie Mutcheson
*Help one another; there’s no time like the present and no present like the time.
— James Durst
*Go into the world and do well. But more importantly, go into the world and do good.
— Minor Myers
*I have one life and one chance to make it count for something… My faith demands that I do whatever I can, wherever I am, whenever I can, for as long as I can with whatever I have to try to make a difference.
— Jimmy Carter

In the words Mother Theresa ''If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one'' and this may be the guiding philosophy of Willie Obiano The governor of Anambra State. It is on record for all to see that Chief Willie Obiano has donated his salaries on several occasions to the less privileged members of the society.

In one particular occasion, Governor Obiano pointed out that he had sent a written instruction to his Principal Secretary, Mr. Willie Nwokoye to implement his wish with immediate effect.
The governor’s directive followed his long practice of philanthropy and public spiritedness which had informed his earlier decision to donate his salaries to the churches since he took his oath of office on March 17, 2014.
“I have been donating it to the church since I became a governor,” governor Obiano explained and further pointed out that he figured that giving it to the underprivileged people in the society through properly structured charity organizations would make for more impact.
Speaking further, the governor said, “After spending many fruitful years in leadership positions in the private sector, I earn enough pensions to sustain the needs of my modest family. So, I felt that my salary would be more useful if it puts a smile on the faces of some underprivileged members of society to whom the smallest amount of money would make a huge difference.”
The governor further observed that he and his wife had always been deeply involved in charity and philanthropy, long before they went into public life. According to him, his administration has always carved out a place for the underprivileged members of the society, awarding scholarships to physically challenged students in the state and setting up a Rehabilitation Center for the destitute in Nteje, Oyi Local Government Area.
“We have picked up many destitute people, including mentally disturbed people whom we re-united with their families after healing and rehabilitating them to normalcy. We shall continue to lend a helping hand to people in need as long as the Lord provides us the resources and the good health to remember our obligations to Him,” Governor Obiano enthused.
Indeed, since he assumed office as the governor of Anambra State, Chief Obiano has continued to blaze a worthy trail in humanizing governance. The governor’s peculiar approach to responsive leadership is anchored on his short maxim that “ana alu olu, ana alu madu,” which loosely translates to “when we are busy fixing things, we should also remember to fix lives.” The governor’s many critical rescue efforts to victims of road accidents, domestic fire accidents and people living with disability is common knowledge.
As if not all, history was made again when Barely a week after that laudable gesture , Governor Obiano and his wife handed out 200 prosthetic limbs to physically challenged people in continuation of an elaborate effort to give meaning to the lives of Nigerians who had suffered the loss of one of their members.
The governor’s donation of his salary to the less privileged members of the society no doubt acted as a great form of inspiration   to many wealthy people in Nigeria and Africa at large, who are yet to develop a thirst for the all-important intervention in strategic philanthropy and public spiritedness.


History was made not so long ago when Chief Willie Obiano won Anambra governorship election, and thus shocking members of the All Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA, Anambra people and millions of Nigerians at large by moving from being regarded as a greenhorn in politics to winning the nomination of the party to stand for the governorship election of the state.

Though he was described by many as an unknown quantity as far as politics in the state is concerned, he struck a feat that is rare in politics.
Chief Willie Maduabuchi Obiano holds a B.Sc. Second Class Upper in Accounting from University of Lagos (1979) and an MBA in Marketing also from same university.
Obiano is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN).
Chief Willie Obiano was John F. Kennedy Essay Winner 1974 at CKC and holds a national Merit Certificate for outstanding service during his NYSC(National Youth Service Corps) in Benue State, Nigeria in the 1979/80 Service Year.
Chief Willie Obiano is the President AMP (Advance Management Programme) of Lagos Business School for Ten years running.
Chief Willie Obiano is also a 2006 BNV (Building New Ventures) CLASS member of Harvard Business School, Boston USA, also Standard University.
He is the Patron, Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (Lagos Mainland District) and National Youth Council of Nigeria, Anambra East Chapter. He is also Patron of the following Catholic Groups: St. Anthony of Padua, Catholic Artistes and Entertainers Association of Nigeria, Catholic Women Organization, Aguleri, Priests and Rev. Sisters of Aguleri Origin. Others are; Missionary of St. Paul’s Society, Catholic Women’s Organization, Our Lady Queen of Peace, Ifako, Gbagada, Catholic Laity Council of Nigeria, Onitsha Archdiocese and Grand Pillar ST Gerald Catholic Church.
His community, Aguleri, conferred on him and his wife in year 2000, separate chieftaincy titles for distinguished service.
Chief Willie Obiano is currently the president of Aguleri Council of Chiefs.
On January 2nd 2011, Chief Willie Obiano and his wife Chief Mrs. E V Obiano were adopted into the Igwe-in council of the Idigo dynasty of the ancient kingdom of Aguleri where he hails from. This high Chief investiture made Chief Mrs. E V Obiano, the only female in the hundred and twenty years Idigo dynasty, to be so honored.
They were also conferred as The Otunba Atayese and Erelu Atayese by Oba David Adegboyega Oyewumi (Faseemi ll) Obadu of Ilemeso- Ekiti.
Chief Willie Obiano started his banking career as Officer in First Bank in 1981 from where he moved to Texaco Nigeria Plc as Accountant.
Chief Willie Obiano was promoted 4 times in his eight-and-half-year-service at Texaco to become Chief Internal Auditor.
Obiano is a specialist in Bunkering, Lube-blending and Refinery Audits.
He was part of the team that audited Texaco Refinery in Rotterdam, Netherlands in 1989.
He joined Fidelity Bank from Texaco in 1991 as Deputy Manager and head of Audit and was promoted Manager in 1991, Assistant General Manager in 1993, Deputy General Manager in 2000 and General Manager in 2002 and Executive Director in October, 2003.
Between 1991 and 2002, Chief Willie Obiano headed the following Groups, Divisions, at one point or another: Inspection and Audit; Operations and Information Technology; Division Head, Commercial & Consumer Banking; Division Head, Eastern Market. Other areas include Financial Control, Risk Management and Transaction Support, Corporate Finance, and Non Bank Financial Institutions.
Obiano was part of the great team that saw Fidelity Bank through the Bank’s Consolidation process.
He is a no nonsense tactician that you cannot miss in a crowd.
As Executive Director of the Mega Fidelity Bank (and No. 2 man), Chief Willie Obiano is in charge of Business Banking (Corporate Banking, Non Bank Financial Institutions, Treasury, (Naira and Foreign Exchange, Oil & Gas, Telecom & Food and Beverages, Transport and Aviation). All the Regional Managers of the bank report through him to the MD/CEO.
Chief Willie Obiano has attended numerous banking courses including the following:
Credit & Trade Services Course – Citi Bank, New York (1994) Treasury and Money Market – NatWest, London (1996) Correspondent/Trade Services/ Emerging Market Course – FIM Bank, Malta (2002) Managing Integration Process – Houston Texas 2006.
A gentleman, whose trademark hair style stands out in a crowd, he is married and blessed with a daughter and a son.
His Aguleri people and the entire Anambra North are still celebrating their luck for producing the Governor of the state.


 ‘I'm a greater believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it”- Thomas Jefferson
The place of hard work in every man’s life cannot be
overemphasized. In the Willie Obiano’s view, according to Hon Chinedu Nkwonta, any man that desire to be on top of his game, Hard work is first LAW OF SUCCESS for no amount of prayers and fasting can give you anything you desire in life if your work ethics is zero. Hard work must be imbibed from young days till even to our old age, God rewards a hard worker, but one must not be fooled, there is big  difference between hard work and smart work. Working
smarter, not harder, is key to greatness in the 21st century.

In the Governor ‘s view : If you master the concept, your entire working life will be easier. My advice is simple, if you want to be a smart worker, you must not just be a 24 hours man that work, work and work, for me on daily bases, I make an outline or things that I wish to achieve from morning till night; from Monday to Sunday, I plan on paper not on my head, not my computer, even the Bible commends us to write our vision in paper so you must have a checklist and follow it diligently, that is smart work. But may it be emphasized that even though it is very essential to write all movement down, efforts must be made to by all means avoid over-scheduling yourself and be realistic about what you be
accomplished in a single day. Sometimes it is advisable to cut
set off and just stay in office and work all day, that is top level
strategy, I do it a lot and it has worked magic for me and can
work for you, so why will it not for you? I must admit here that
the place of multi-tasking in the modern world of today is no
more in vogue, in the 21st century you can win big by multi-
tasking yourself or your brain. The man that want to make it big
in his trade, must by all means avoid multi-tasking because the
average man often get less done when the task is multiple
since our brain is switching back and forth between tasks.
My advice here: Pick one thing to work on and put your best effort
into that until it is accomplished, by that way I can assure you
that your efforts and schedules will be well efficient as possible.
Using myself as case study, I love to do my works when I have
no distractions surrounding me, by that way I try to do things in one batches rather than one at a time. So that my efficiency can be maximized as much as possible Hard work makes better sense when you mix it with smart work, smartness is learning to delegate task that you cannot do there  and then or, I can assure you that to get to the top of your career is not just about self hard work, you must learn to delegate efforts or task to the right people. If one person is  faster, put him or her on the part of your task that will take longest. If one person is more skilled and accurate, put him or
her on the part of the task that is most critical. But it must be
noted that many have used the ploy of delegating to bask in the
evil world of procrastination what they themselves should be
doing, so the key here is at all time, we must push ourselves to
work hard when it's time to do work and enjoy these activities
once you're done for the day, It must be noted that throughout
life it is important to work well and often this means being
acknowledged as hardworking.
When applying for a job, you need to show that you are a hard worker and conscientious, without prejudice, I can stress with my many years of experience that hard work is first law of success, you can win big by day dreaming, you cannot win by all prayers and fasting and no hard work My law, which I will also share to all is after you have played your part by being hardworking then you leave the rest to the Almighty, and do not quit if your efforts has not  paid off If at first you don't succeed, try again! You should
always persevere.
Do not ever give up, because this is a big part of being hard working. Hard workers never give up, and this
is what helps build upon the skill. And always put it in your mind
that "yes you can" in any positive thing you want to do. Indeed
it is great thing of joy to mix hard work and the ‘I will not give
up’’ spirit It is only the lazy that leave hard work and look to
men for mortals rather that beg for arm from the rich emulate
their work ethics. Be like other hard workers. There are
hardworking people all around you all over the world. You
should try to act similar to the way they do, because you will
learn from them. You can learn from anyone. And as fate will
have it, once you get it, keep doing it. Once you start working
your hardest all the time, keep doing it! You should even try to
get better. Learning will always help you, and perseverance will
too. But chief of all, to win and win big, you must believe in
yourself. Know that anyone can be a hard worker! And that
everybody when born or given birth has both mental and
physical strength, that talk of born with silver spoon or not must
be discarded and replaced with hard work ethics


"To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the
day, thou canst not then be false to any man." – William
Shakespeare, 1564-1616.

All over the corporate world, many who know Willie Obiano
knows him as a man with passion for whatever he does. In his
early days in the corporate world, he was a consummate
banker of distinction, spending many years in banking sector
during which he received many commendations and awards as
proof of his diligence and high rated performance.

Chief Willie Obiano started his banking career as Officer in First Bank in 1981 from where he moved to Texaco Nigeria Plc as Accountant.

Chief Willie Obiano was promoted 4 times in his eight-and-half-year-service at Texaco to become Chief Internal Auditor.

Obiano is a specialist in Bunkering, Lube-blending and Refinery Audits.

He was part of the team that audited Texaco Refinery in Rotterdam, Netherlands in 1989.

He joined Fidelity Bank from Texaco in 1991 as Deputy Manager and head of Audit and was promoted Manager in 1991, Assistant General Manager in 1993, Deputy General Manager in 2000 and General Manager in 2002 and Executive Director in October, 2003.
Between 1991 and 2002, Chief Willie Obiano headed the following Groups, Divisions, at one point or another: Inspection and Audit; Operations and Information Technology; Division Head, Commercial & Consumer Banking; Division Head, Eastern Market. Other areas include Financial Control, Risk Management and Transaction Support, Corporate Finance, and Non Bank Financial Institutions.

Obiano was part of the great team that saw Fidelity Bank through the Bank’s Consolidation process. This achievement perhaps must have a lot to do beyond hard work; he agrees that hard work is nothing without passion. NO one, he stressed can make it to the top of his
trade if he is working hard with no passion for his work or trade.
The corporate czar emphasized that doing a job and being
passionate about the work that one does are two parallel lines.
So pathetic he emphasized that today, many people struggle to
find passion for their jobs or their work and worry that they're
not happy in their careers. To win big in the 21st century, one
must be very passionate about what he does, it is not all about
money here, before embarking on a trade or some vocation,
efforts must be made to ask self what is your true passion?
What do you love to do like a hobby that you can convert to
wealth? I always advice all those who easily gets confuse
career wise or choice of what to do, to find a solitary place and
search their heart deeply, after which they must make a list of
for example top ten things they love to do in their spare time
There is no one on earth that do not have a passion he enjoys
doing, that passion can be converted to cash by smart thinking,
because having an understanding of the type of activities that
you enjoy will easily and effectively transmute you into the a
career that can put big money on your table, and incorporate
you to a future champion It must be emphasized that one’s
passion which should naturally leads to ones job should be one
that will effectively one reach one’s goal, and the gains of it on
the long run, here we can say apart from job satisfaction , one
must consider financial freedom, that can make one effectively
Your passion for your work is the only thing that can help you a
better future, as I try to shy away from that word, saving for the
rainy days, instead of passionately working to save for the rainy
days, get a passion that can save for a joyous day or the day
that you will win your financial freedom, and natural, since our
God is just God of intention, that is what you will get. Your
passion or motivation to make it big in your career or chosen
profession is very vital. If your motivation in your career comes
from not very solid self choice but from other aspects like fear,
anger, need to work cause others are working or just because
you need money, such job will never bring you happiness
Hence at ever giving time, you must ask yourself if your desires
or skills are being fully utilized, if not then you must do what
property magnate, Donald Trump like to advice: FIRE
YOURSELF, and go start all over by writing down what you
would love to do for living regardless of money, location or
education limitation, but chief of all , anyone that hopes to make
it to big league, top premier stage must not be shy to get a
mentor to act as his guide or coach, they are seasoned,
learned and more expose, a coach or mentor will effectively
guide you from making or avoiding mistakes they must have
made in life, was  his stand, says Nkwonta


“I don’t think of myself as a poor deprived ghetto girl who made good. I think of myself as somebody who from an early age knew I was responsible for myself, and I had to make good.” ~ Oprah Winfrey

IN his frank submission, chief Obiano, a most passionate
worker who plans to emulate Dubai Template for Anambra warned, the drive to the top has a lot to do with all manner of working tactics and one of them is what can be labeled as having a perfect work ethic. Why? The place of having a strong ethic cannot be overemphasized, because a strong work ethic is vital to any individual or a company desirous to achieving its goals. ‘Every employee, from the Governor or a company CEO
to entry-level workers, must have a good work ethic to keep the
company functioning at its peak’’
His Excellency Obiano  stressed, while explaining that work ethic is a set of moral principals an employee or employer uses in their job. Work ethic he said is not all about hard work and effort, it is basic work principle which includes a lot of factors, for example, work ethic teaches one to apply total integrity in his or her job, for this particular factor stretches into to all aspects of an employee's job. An employee with integrity fosters trusting relationships with
clients, coworkers and supervisors. Coworkers value the
employee's ability to give honest feedback. Clients trust the
employee's advice. Supervisors rely on the employee's high
moral standards, trusting him not to steal from the company or
create problems.
Work ethic also covers the area of an individual having a strong sense of social responsibility, not only for self but also for the company he works for, because such responsibility goes a long way in affecting how an employee works and the amount of work he/she does.
When the employee feels personally responsible for her job
performance, he/she shows up on time, puts in her best effort
and completes projects to the best of her ability. Research
globally has proven that those who succeed and win big in the
game of life are mainly those who rise up early to face their job
and face it squarely. Not long ago, I came along a piece on top
CEO’S with a habit to rise early to face their work, a case study
is Former Oxygen Channel CEO Gerry Laybourne The founder
of Oxygen is as early as 5a.m and out of the house a half hour
later. If you get up early enough she might even take you under
her wing, she tells Yahoo! Finance Once or twice a week, she
goes for a walk in Central Park with a young person seeking my
advice. This is her way of helping bring along the next
generation. ‘And if someone is up early in the morning then
they are serious about life. I can't take time at the office to do
this, but doing it in the morning allows me to get exercise and
stay connected with young people at the same time." She
admitted. Such is the manner of work ethics we are talking
about here. It is most pathetic that many today lack manners of
good work ethics, while many other young generation
employees just do only the bare minimum, just enough to keep
their job intact. On the other hand, those with a strong work
ethic care about the quality of their work. They do their best to
produce great work, not merely churn out what is needed. The
employee's commitment to quality improves the company's
overall quality. Am CEO and Sheppard of thousands of staffs, I
am not different from many industry leaders, globally, we on
daily bases searching for and seeking to compensate staffs
with better work ethics than those that are not, and I can tell
you, it does not only takes a great deal of discipline to imbibe
and maintain work ethics It also takes a certain level of
commitment to finish your tasks every day. An employee with
good discipline stays focused on his goals and is determined to
complete his assignments. These employees show a high level
of dedication to the company, always ensuring they do their
part, believes Obiano


 ‘I Like thinking big.if you are going tom be thinking anything,you might as well think big-Sir Donald Trump

It is most pathetic. Most pathetic Governor Obiano lamented when
talking of today’s fear of dreaming big or demanding largely
from life what God has giving freely to them But here is good
news, the Governor have revealed that In the their captivating world that they are inhabit, majority of the heavily built today’s billionaires or successful state Governors or Presidents are big risk takers and, high demanding FORCES of what life has got in stock for them.
So to win and win big in your own trade, apart from hard work, he
advices on the need to have no option but to ask large of life,
demand bigger than big for what you want from life itself is what
life will give you. To put it more succinctly, he advices on need

to be careful what one choose. You may get it. Don’t rush into
things. So if that is the case why not demand your share in the
captivating 21st century market? Yes to ask large of life is very
vital aspect of the element on way to the top and I MAKE BOLD
TO SAY that one of the very first cardinal criteria of being an
industry leader in life is the belief in yourself to be whatever you
want to be in this world Very pathetic indeed, for most times,
we forget that life can easily be giving to us whatever we ask of
it, but before then we must have an absolute belief in that there
is nothing-absolutely that will stand in our way to achieve our
stated goal.
Willie Obiano  reminded all and sundry of the Dubai City that was once a desert but now tourist destination, he also reminded  that In his wildly accepted book, THINK AND GROW RICH, which has
sold millions of copies around the world and globally rated as a
‘mini bible of sort’ to most black entrepreneur seeking for
international break, legendary Sir Napoleon Hill quotes a great
poet postulating: I bargained with life for a penny, and would
pay no more HOWEVER, I begged at evening when I counted
my scanty store for Life is just employer, He gives you what you
ask, but one you have set the wages, why? You must bear they
task. For I work for a menial’s hire, ONLY TO learn dismayed,
that any wage I had asked of life, life would have willingly paid
But many young men and women alike go through life with
believe that life of abundance and industry success belongs
only to a discerning few. But get it into your skull, top level
success, he advices, is not for a select few, you too can be the
next big mogul or business icon today, or make your State what you wish her to be, for it has been said what you want and wish is what you get in life You thus have to demand what is your due of life i.e. what is due you.
You cannot let somebody else’s live your life, just as you can't make someone else's choices. You shouldn't therefore let someone else make yours. Since ultimate responsibility is yours, make sure the choice is yours and you are not responding to the
pressure and desire of others. The need to ask largely of your
quota of life cannot be overemphasis’, it is like the story of life
itself, we must never hesitate to ask largely of life, for it is even
our father in heaven’s pleasure to give us the kingdom, said the
holy book Still quoting from the revered holy book, we will find
out that God, the omnipotent and omniscience want only the
best for us since we are made in his image. He is no doubt
seems to be saying ‘I want hands to build wonderful structures,
paint glorious pictures; those who wants to play music to have
pianos and every other instruments, and to have the means to
cultivate their talent to the fullest extent and those that can
appreciate beauty to be able to surround themselves with
beautiful things, tongues to tell mighty truths and tongues to
sing marvelous songs|, those who can appreciate good dress
to be beautifully clothed, and those who can appreciate good
food to be luxuriantly fed So today, we beckon to say the desire
you feel for greatness or to be industry leader must be infinite,
for even the almighty himself must be very conscious to create
a world as beautiful as we have today, so you need not hesitate
to ask largely, your part is to focalize and express the desire to
your creator above .Hon Nkwonta said this is why in Anambra the slogan is' Willie is working, Anambra is working'

‘A little sleep, a little slumber and poverty will overtake one’-King Solomon

For a man to attain the height attained by the enviable
height of ex banker turned politician, Chief Willie Obiano,the Executive Governor of Anambra State,  has revealed that he worked till late at night  and wakes up when others are fast asleep-it is no kids glove session, the APGA publicity Secretary opined
In a no bared session, Nkwonta, spoke on the Governor’s top secret to top of his trade .
One of such is his deep phobia for much sleeping
and why many of today’s mortals on the rise must learn from ills
of much love for sleep.

In his words: ‘ His Excellency see not much that one can derive from much sleep, it has led many to poverty, many to failed dream, am not saying sleeping is evil, no, it is highly recommended, but for
me, too much of it is not ideal, it can lead to bleak future, if I
can catch a good sleep 1 am – 5 am , that is home and dry for
me, I can use the other extra time for some constructive work,
even meditating’’.

 This is not a mere talk, Nkwonta revealed  that as early 7 am Chief Obiano, is already in office, says and stays on seat till late hour in inspecting projects at odd hours

But not taking anything away from sleep, the ex banker in a party gathering, once  spoke on a reverse, ‘ It is not decent however to carry on life nonstop without sleep, that is disaster, a major reason for procrastination is fatigue or too much denial of sleep,
my rule is whenever I feel overtired or overwhelmed with much
to do and little time, I always stop myself for  ‘ all I can do is all I can do’’



On MARCH 8,2014 shortly on assumption into office as Governor, Willie Obiano vowed to crush the notorious kidnappers, many thought it was boast, but today, the state is safe haven

On that day, Chief Willie Obiano, assured that the menace of kidnapping would ceased under his administration once he is sworn in later this month.
Obiano who was among the delegations that visited EX President Goodluck Jonathan in Abuja, said he would convene a security conference with all stakeholders where they would chart a way forward for the state. He said part of the measures to stop kidnapping would be to train vigilantes and equipping them alongside the police with modern equipment to fight the crime.
His words: “kidnapping is very critical for us, under my watch, kidnapping will be a thing of the past for the following reasons: first, as soon as I am sworn in there is going to be a security conference where all the stakeholders in Anambra will come and beyond that we are going to do a lot of things that the present administration has started.”
He stated that the security arrangement would cover “equipping the vigilante and training them appropriately, in the area of equipping the police, in the area of youth employment because where most of the youths are employed then the rascal few will be easily policable. So we are going to ensure that crime in particular kidnapping is a thing of the past”.
On what would be the focus of his administration, the governor-elect said aside continuing the work of the Peter Obi administration, the next phase of the state development would be hitched on what he called four pillars namely- agriculture, health, trade and commerce as well as industrialization.
Obiano said, “Governor Peter Obi has done very well, by the grace of God I am going to build on the foundation he has laid so we expect a lot of things to happen under my watch.
“He has done well in what the economics call the enablers – road, health, education, security, women development, youth about 13 items. But we want to be a little different and move Anambra to the next level on four pillars. “The first is agriculture, I believe that will create a lot of food and of course, agro-base industries will begin to spring up and there will be a lot of job employment for the youths.
“The second pillar is oil and gas. As you are aware we have oil in Anambra State and our first effort is to make sure that we are included in the NDDC. Our people in the House of Reps will make that move very soon and we will be properly acknowledged as oil producing state.
“The third is trade and commerce, because all the things we are going to be producing will be sold one way or the other and therefore we need a modern market to be able to do so. And of course, improve the facilities in the existing market so that people from West Africa and environ, when they visit Anambra State they will find a befitting market to do business, and of course industrialization.”

Today looking back, Nkwonta said the end to kidnappers was in view of the Governors organizational ability, on assumption to office, he brought in  world expert and spent heavily on how other countries used strategies to end kidnapping and  insecurity and in just one year, kidnappers have fled the state and foreign investors have now made Anambra a second haven and the state now makes an average of  2 billion dollars a year from foreign  investment  and anyone caught kidnapping or in armed robbery , his whole property and life investments will be seized  for good


Many have always called Governor Willie Obiano's passion and love for Dubai as an obsession, but Hon Chinedu Nkwonta will not call it obsession, he will rather call in faith in a project many will want to say ''impossible''

Dubai was once a desert, but it is today a tourist destination, the Governor has this to say of his passion for Dubai.  In a paper titled: A GOVERNOR'S DREAM FOR AWKA CITY. Obiano says his interests in Dubai were in response to the endless clamor by Ndi Anambra for a befitting capital that would reflect the enormous endowments of the people of the state. It was also in fulfillment of his campaign promise to the electorate when he ran for governorship in November 2013. Inaugurating the Awka Capital Development Board, governor Obiano urged the team to look beyond what is on the ground and the limitation of resources to provide a structural design that would give the city a befitting status.

So, when on May 15 Obiano inaugurated the board of the Awka Capital Development Authority and charged it to strive to model it after Dubai, both members of the board and the public did not dismiss the charge with a wave of the hand.
Successive administrations had good intention to transform Awka from the status of a local hamlet into a real city befitting of a people generally acknowledged as bastion of knowledge and skill. But the resources to pursue the project have always been the Goliath standing between such administrations and its intended goal. That has kept Awka as an Expressway State capital, which travelers pass without noticing they are in a state capital.
Gov. Obiano has taken the bull by the horns. How he intends to generate the resources to transform Awka is still a secret, as he does not seem to be worried by that. Instead, while inaugurating the board, he warned them not to be intimidated by the huge resources needed to execute the project.

Obiano not only charged the ten-man member chaired by Barr. Chika Egwuatu to model Awka after Dubai but showed the members slides of Dubai as it was in 1990 and another slide of the same city when it had undergone transformation in 2013. Obiano pointed out that as at 1990, Dubai had only three high-rise buildings as the slide showed the rest of the now number choice of tourism destination as desert. But within 24 years by 2013, Dubai had changed so much that no one who had visited it in 1990 would believe it was the same city.
Obiano then charged the member: “My dream is that in eight years you will transform Awka like Dubai did from 1990 to 2013. Let us look to the future, the way things are supposed to be. Don’t be limited by funds. Dubai didn’t think about funds. Today, Dubai, which was a desert, has become a tourist destination because people had brains.
Obiano said he chose members of the board because of their background and because he had personally seen what they have done in their various capacities; particularly the chairman, he concluded.
In his response, the chairman, Barr. Egwuatu, who is an indigene of Awka, said the authority accept the challenge. Referring to the slides of Dubai shown them earlier, Barr. Egwuatu described the picture in the slide as iconic and that he felt challenged. But he noted that to transform, Awka would need taking some painful decisions. His words: “I look at the functions particularly item three; it required taking painful decisions. These painful decisions we will not run away from and His Excellency has assured me that it shall be made on the basis of fairness and on the basis of professionalism and on the basis of equity and we will not shirk our responsibility. Looking around my colleagues, they appear well chosen. I congratulate you on being able to do this.”
Nothing that, that was his first time of entering the Executive Council Chambers of Government House, Awka, Egwuatu recalled similar experience in 2004 when he was appointed the coordinating consultant of Abuja Capital Territory by the former Minister of Capital Territory and stated that “the fact that I didn’t lobby for the job was a bigger challenge and I doubt if anybody lobbied for the job.
“That is a bigger motivation and I assure you that this board will deliver on your mandate. We owe you the responsibility to uphold the thrust you repose on us. To this end, we are very grateful”.

Speaking in defense of Obiano, Hon Nkwonta said what the Governor is displaying with the Dubai story is not obsession but faith in a city once barren, he likened Obiano as a visionary man like His EXCELLENCY Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum , Ruler of Dubai and United Arab Emirates' Vice President, in whom city state's rapid growth revolved around
The "Dubai vision," which has suffered a crushing blow from the freewheeling Gulf emirate's sudden debt crisis, is the creation of one man who failed to apply the rules of open governance. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, who outlined his ideas in a book, "My Vision," suggested other Arab countries could replicate Dubai's success. Now the model -- always controversial among Gulf Arabs since it involved building shining cities in the desert at breakneck speed through the import of foreign residents, finance and labor -- is on the ropes. Such is same story Obiano aims to put in vivid practice in Awka, Anambra State

One starts to get young at the age of sixty and then it is too late.Pablo Picasso
When I turned 60, it didn’t bother me at all.Yoko Ono
Forget the block, when you’re sixty, you’ve been around the entire neighborhood a few times.Dane Peddigrew

After a man passes sixty, his mischief is mainly in his head.Washington Irving
Age 60 is when it takes a man all night to do what he used to do all night.Unknown
On my 60th birthday my wife gave me a superb birthday present. She let me win an argument.Unknown
Who said you’re sixty? You are just a 20 year old with 40 years of experience. Unknown
At 60 you at least have excuses. Unknown
At 60, two of the most important things in life are bowel movements and nose hair. Greg Tamblyn
I’m sixty years of age. That’s 16 Celsius.Unknown
Age is a high price to pay for maturity.Tom Stoppard
I was born old and get younger every day. At present I am sixty years young.Herbert Beerbohm Tree
A man of sixty has spent twenty years in bed and over three years in eating.Arnold Bennet
The older the fiddler, the sweeter the tune.English Proverb
Though it sounds absurd, it is true to say I felt younger at sixty than I felt at twenty.Ellen Glasgow
By the time you reach 60, lots of body parts are larger than they used to be. Especially your tattoos.Greg Tamblyn
Some people reach the age of sixty before others.Lord Hood
The maturity of sixty would be better spent if it came at age twenty.Dane Peddigrew
At his wife’s 60th birthday party in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Dick Cheney had a huge steak and battered onion rings for dinner. Afterward he met with 100 donors, not campaign donors, heart donors.Jay Leno
When you’re 60 you start bragging about your age. How else are you going to get your senior discounts?Melanie White
I will never be an old man. To me, old age is always 15 years older than I am.Bernard M. Baruch
Your pants creep upward as you get older. By 60 you’re a pair of pants with a head.Unknown
Age is not important unless you’re a cheese.Helen Hayes
I wanted to show I had balls at age 60.Sylvester Stallone
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The trouble with retirement is that you never get a day off.Abe Lemons
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At 60, “chasing girls” refers almost exclusively to granddaughters.Greg Tamblyn
Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I’m sixty-four?Paul McCartne


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