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Inspirational Classic .. The recipe for how to become a Millionaire

For immigrants, the formula is simpler than you think. It all starts with the mindset The recipe for long-term financial success and eventually becoming a millionaire has remained unchanged surprisingly — invest early and consistently, and make savings a top priority. If it is that simple, why then is it so difficult to become a millionaire? It takes a particular frame of mind to make this happen. It is called the millionaire mindset. After a careful study over the years, researchers and experts have found out that millionaires and highly successful entrepreneurs have the following mindset: •They think outside the paycheck box Steve Siebold, the author of “How Rich People Think,” who spent decades studying the world’swealthiest people, says the rich are typically self-employed. Average people tend to settle for steadier situations and monthly paychecks and are often afraid to venture out. There is immense value in a good job, which society promotes as the “safest” way to weal

How to be a Good Giver without Being A Millionaire "- by Sales People CEO, Iheoma

Highly respected corporate player, property mogul and tireless philanthropist in person of Mazi Nnamdi Iheoma is up again with new tip how the average mortal can be good ( or dangerous ) giver without necessarily being a millionaire Speaking in a brief financial freedom chat with World Industry Leader's magazine ( W.I.L) the CEO of Sales people property limited was most emphatic " Money is something that is never enough ...if you have one thousand,you will surely have problems of one thousand.. If you have one million, you will have problems of one million " Money from time memorial is never enough, the secret is to learn to give out from your little " Those who can't give from their little thousand or hundred thousands can't ever give from their million's, they will be waiting for more millions before they can give and it may come and may not come, so just start by giving from your little one and when the big one come, it will be a lifestyle,

Marriott's Lagos.....A word smith's 1st Impression: So Enchanting

  SPECIAL BRAND FOCUS...Marriott's At Night! • It is good to visit enchanting cities and enchanting places, life is all about enchantment and I love enchanting scenes-  By Mike Cerutti \ I could not make the opening ceremony event of Marriott's hotel Lagos a short while ago despite receiving two invites,in view of my tight schedule then up north So it was only natural for me to be excited to be  there live last night This is big pride for Lagos the hotel is top notch, decent and above average services In company of flamboyant business tycoon, author & philanthropist  High chief Abimbola Aboderin & our team, we had great business  session with queen of networking Gladys Alex-Etim Afterwards, I requested and was shown round Lagos Marriott's hotel in G.R.A by management It was memorable picturesque √ Best wishes in good business of luxury to the hotel © Cerutti Media Group

Special Brand Focus >courtesy MPL Property Luxury.... Meet the Nigerian born Austrian Super Star ,David Alaba who will earn a whopping £ 100 Million @ Real Madrid

  STAGGERING .... £100 million for this Nigerian born Austrian # Special brand Focus on David Olatokunbo Alaba • Brought  to you by  Cerutti B.I.R in Association with MPL Home's & Luxury Ltd \ I have long followed his career and life ,on and off the beautiful game He may have played for Austria and lived abroad all his life but he has original Nigerian blood Cool, calm,articulate and focus.... He's new money deal is but whopping David Alaba’s contract with Real Madrid according to extensive agency report as monitored by Cerutti Media Group  revealed that the Austrian will earn over £100m during his time at the Santiago Bernabeu. Alaba joined Madrid this summer on a free transfer from Bayern Munich, cited as Sergio Ramos’ replacement. The 29-year-old will earn £376k-per-week for the five years he signed up to, equating to £98m in total. He’s also been given a £15.1m signing-on fee while his agent, Pini Zahavi, has earned himself a not-too-shabby commission of a coo


" Justice delayed is justice denied "   The founding Director General of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Governors Forum and a leading politician from Edo State, Earl Osaro Onaiwu has commended the State Governor, His Excellency Godwin Obaseki for the swift action taken, so far, by suspending the School Principal and the House master of Edo College, Benin City where the barbaric and brutal incident of some students maltreating their fellow students that was captured in a video which went viral a few days ago, occurred.  By the timely action, the Governor has sent a strong message to other schools that the government will not condone such inhuman treatment, saying the school environment should be conducive for both academic learning and extracurricular activities that will build the students into becoming responsible members of the society. According to Earl Osaro Onaiwu, “I was shocked to my bones and marrow and barely able to view that video because of the sheer soulless

International Report Today....The story of Jibs Abitoye, Alberta’s first black immigrant elected City Councillor & How to turn your COULDN’T into Can

“My name is Jibs Abitoye. Let me tell you about my “COULDN’T” story. I was told I COULDN’T get a good job as a  new immigrant from Nigeria  in Canada because I didn’t have Canadian education or work experience. I got a job in a bank with my own office in one month. I was told I COULDN’T win in an election because I lived in a community that was less than 1% black and as a black woman…hmmm…the chances of winning are even more unlikely. I made it. And I’m the first black woman elected in the province of Alberta since the 70s. I won in the election as a City Councillor in my community and I’m honored to serve in this capacity. I was told that I COULDN’T run a successful fashion business because the fashion industry was saturated and it would be difficult. I started a fashion business and within 3 months of launching it, I was in New York Fashion Week to showcase our latest collection. Our products are in a big retail chain with over 500 stores in Canada and the US. We have clients in Euro