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INTERNATIONAL WOMEN DAY EXCLUSIVE: Miss-K, Shares Her Retrospective on The Giant Strides She’s Achieved in 2020 Leading to 2021, All to Inspire Other Women by Her Driving Efforts.

TO CELEBRATE INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY, WORLD INDUSTRY LEADERS FOCUSES ON  HOW 1 OF THE WORLD’S 100 MOST INFLUENTIAL WOMEN,  MISS-K, SHARES HER RETROSPECTIVE ON THE GIANT STRIDES SHE'S ACHIEVED IN 2020  LEADING TO 2021, STRIVING  TO  INSPIRE OTHER WOMEN  BY HER DRIVEN EFFORTS ON PRODUCING HER FIRST TV SERIES, TO EMPOWER THE MASSES ON COVID 19, DURING LOCKDOWN & OTHER COLOSSAL ACHIEVEMENTS.     ------------------------------- Miss-K is a Multiple Award Winning Entertainer, and multifaceted talented woman, who i s a vocal powerhouse , a Fashion Supermodel, a Brand Ambassador and a devoted  Humanitarian.  Inclusively she is also a serious Entrepreneur, who during the lockdown as opened herself to being a Creative Consultant who produces Exclusive Creative Content for Tv, Magazine and more.  Today we are so proud to see her grace the cover of International Women's Day Magazine, published in the UK, which gives a career insight from a selection of some of the remarkable

Philantropist Today: HRH Oba Stephen Agbaje , the Okpashi of Ekpese Commends Bose Adebayo for fulfilled promises

  Services  to the Community \ " We promise according to our hopes and perform according to the level of our conscience " - Jacky Collins ( RIP ) By Mike Cerutti Osagie ( Africa's most outstanding humanitarian writer of the year ) For keeping to her words as bond made to her local community late last year, His Royal Highness( HRH) Oba Stephen Agbaje ,the Okpashi of Ekpese has written an emotional letter of gratitude to  London based Miss Bose Adeboyo for keeping her words and bringing joy to her people In the message of goodwill, the Oba admonished Adebayo by quoting Apostle Peter in Act 3v 6 saying " Gold or silver we have not for you, what we have is prayers for you and blessings as you have fulfilled the promise you made at the town hall last year and has today provided our community with a massive borehole that will help many drink portable water; we pray the good Lord meets all your heart desire in life " he wrote Speaking to Cerutti Humanitarian

Rosatom Signs “Breakthrough” Deal to Manufacture Unique Equipment for Project BREST-OD-300 Nuclear Power Unit

  Rosatom Signs “Breakthrough” Deal to Manufacture Unique Equipment for Project BREST-OD-300 Nuclear Power Unit   CKBM and Siberian Chemical Combine (SCC), the Fuel Division of Rosatom the world's largest producer of enriched uranium, have just signed a major nuclear power contract. The international deal is for the manufacturing and supply of main technological equipment of the reactor installation of BREST-OD-300 power unit on site the SCC in Seversk, Tomsk Region, West Siberia. SCC and CKBM (an enterprise of the machine-building unit of Rosatom) will handle the manufacturing of equipment for the refuelling complex, while production, supply and installation supervision of steam generators for the reactor facility will be provided by ZiO-Podolsk Machine-Building Plant. Most of the technical solutions for the BREST-OD-300 reactor installation itself and its main equipment are innovative and have never been applied at any nuclear facility anywhere in the world. . The equipment of th

International Report: First generation nitride fuel developed for BREST-OD-300 fast reactor

  First generation  Bochvar institute (research facility of TVEL Fuel Company of Rosatom) has developed fuel rod design based on nitride uranium-plutonium fuel (MNUP-fuel) for the BREST-OD-300 fast neutron reactor. This fuel rod project will be applied for commercial manufacturing of nitride fuel to be launched as part of the Pilot Demonstration Energy Complex, which is under construction in Seversk, Tomsk region (the “Proryv”, or “the Breakthrough” strategic project). At the same time, Rosatom’s Nuclear Fuel Division continues development of the second-generation fuel rods for the BREST-OD-300 with a higher burnout level, which will be used when MNUP fabrication will shift to the re-fabrication stage (meaning that irradiated fuel of the first load after irradiation and reprocessing will be used for fresh fuel fabrication). “Pilot fuel assemblies with nitride fuel have been irradiated in the BN-600 reactor at the Beloyarsk NPP since 2014. Though the sufficient validated fuel burnout fo

International Report : Emirates Group reaffirms commitment to wildlife and habitat conservation

On  the occasion of World Wildlife Day, the Emirates Group has reaffirmed its long-standing commitment to protecting wildlife and habitats. It also shone the  spotlight on conservation efforts across the organization at ae Environment Forum for its global employees. During the forum, experts from the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, Emirates One & Only Wolgan Valley in Australia, and Emirates SkyCargo spoke about the work being done to protect endangered species and habitats in Dubai, restoration efforts following aftermath of the Australian bushfires, and how the airline was doing its part to foil wildlife trafficking across its network. In addition to reducing emissions and consuming responsibly, the preservation of wildlife and habitats is one of the three pillars under The Emirates Group’s environmental sustainability strategy. The Group believes that future generations should enjoy seeing wildlife in the wild and that the world’s beauty and biodiversity is an inspiration for

Special BrandFocus: Why you must think of being part of Oxford Group Africa Diversity

" Diversification is a protection against ignorance. It makes very little sense for those who know what they're doing"- Warren Buffett An agent of fast growing OXFORD International Group - a privately owned and internationally recognized venture capital organization has told us about the  benefits of being part of this great brand In his words to World industry leaders  magazine( Special BrandFocus unit)  " Your investment is insured by Leadway Assurance and Nigeria Agriculture Insurance Corporation  ( NAIC). And the organization is  well stated in the Deed of Agreement that will be given to investors"  "With the keen interest in Real Estate Investment, Property Sales, Human Capital Development , Asset Management, Property Leasing, Agriculture, Banking, Renewable Energy, Education, Food Production, Infrastructure and General Construction, Property Valuation, Information Technology Management, Logistics, Fashion, Printing Media and many more. "We work i