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NEW WEEK MESSAGE OF HOPE....Global African' Philanthropist, Tony Elumelu Wants Future Champions To Forget Yesterday & Focus On Today

 MESSAGE OF HOPE.. #Be warmed; the past is over " To win big in new week ,just as in new year, we must put past behind and learn from our ' silly ' mistakes " I was studying  the story & tactics  of one of my mentors, the serial investor, tireless global philantropic element and entrepreneur Dr Tony Elumelu , chair @ The Tony Elumelu Foundation " He warned ...To rise again in life after a fall, you must let go of past ( yesterday) let today be your new dawn and use today ,giving to you free by God, to recreate and reinvent your aspirations in life ,today is pot of gold ,he advised " ~ Words of Chief Mike Cerutti Osagie  journalist turned author, humanitarian, abundance mentality speaker and budding entrepreneur He can be contacted for corporate service via or WhatsApp only + 234 7042631895 WS: ©

Esther Ogwu CEO :Esther Child Rights Foundation Speaks Of Her Inspiration @ 11 Good Years of Robust Selfless Services To Humanity

^ Respected global brand and charity care giver, late Princess Diana once stated of happiness that " The root of happiness grows deepest in the soil of happiness " And such is the story of Esther child rights Foundation ,led by Mrs Esther Ogwu who is the CEO/ Founder  of this great NGO that recently clocked 11 year's of benevolent services to humanity The Foundation  was established which was setup in 2009 as Esther Child Rights foundation is a non governmental organization (NGO) whose main focus is to eradicate Child Abuse, domestic violence, rape and other Human Rights violations. In a special audience with World's Leaders subsidiary site, Cerutti Media Humanitarian segment, the CEO told us exclusively of their story .... "We   came on board to create awareness in schools , private hospitals,government health centre ,market places,street talk and also conduct seminars in various locations  of Lagos State and across the Country as a whole

Former Beauty Queen, & Miss Commonwealth Africa: Amaka Oguchi Speaks Candidly How Nigerians In Diaspora Feels About Buhari's Regime

“Hope  is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness”   By Mike Cerutti OSAGIE BEYOND HER BEAUTY... Indeed, beyond her extreme natural beauty, Chief Amaka Oguchi is a sound and deep intellectual egg head A four time beauty queen, now an entrepreneur and budding politician, when she talks economics & politics you can't help but listen with rapt attention Before departing shores of Nigeria for Turkey, she was top campaign director for the Atiku/Obi presidential race Now, beyond her beauty, she has spoken her heart and views about the present Buhari Government, she spoke to WORLD LEADERS from her Turkey base YOU ARE IN DIASPORA; CAN YOU SAY A WORD TO NIGERIA’S PRESIDENT? We only give advice to those who would take them into consideration. Its unfortunate Nigerians have found ourselves in the situation we are now. If at all I'll give an advice it would be to Nigerians. We need to

World Leaders Magazine/Cerutti Media , greets Awele Elumelu @ 50

CERUTTI MEDIA PAYS GLOWING TRIBUTE TO DR AWELE VIVIAN ELUMELU @ 50 In a most emotional goodwill message to the wife of Africa's global philanthropist, serial entrepreneur ,investor and business mogul, Dr Tony Elumelu,  chairman,   The Tony Elumelu Foundation , The   Cerutti Media Group   leader,   Mike Cerutti Osagie   wrote " You have touched many lives, you are a case study in nobility, may God continue to expand your coast " indeed.... The years have passed, Since you entered lives of many Now that you're 50, We can't believe our eyes. The way you look, The way to act, Makes us just think, You've turned back time. You're fun-loving nature & God fearing Simply continues to grow, You light up hopes of many Wherever you go. We know when you're 100, You'll still love life as such, That's what we want for you, We wish you long life & more God's guidance " SIGNED Chief Mike Cerutti


He had a long business relationship with world famous Genevieve NNAJI; no record of rape or harassment From the blues, a lady now came saying she was raped by DBANJ, in "mysterious manner that she claimed occurred when the star was mourning his late son (death anniversary) Last week we wrote on this topic and pointed at men in Bible those enemies within tried to bring down (… ) That Genevieve/ Dbanj project is still celebrated globally; he never “raped "her On verge of his hitting a multimillion naira deal, enemies within came up with stories of rape *THE TRUTH WILL BE OUT, ALREADY A 100 MILLION NAIRA SUIT HAS BEEN SLAMMED ON THE LADY BY DBANJ'S LAWYER CHIEF MIKE OZEKHOME SAN * IG OF Police now studying the file * It is only a matter of time; the truth will be out........ Those who think Dbanj will be disgraced will end up losers ~ Chief  Mike Cerutti Osagie Abuja Whatsapp +234 70426