How to be a Good Giver without Being A Millionaire "- by Sales People CEO, Iheoma

Highly respected corporate player, property mogul and tireless philanthropist in person of Mazi Nnamdi Iheoma is up again with new tip how the average mortal can be good ( or dangerous ) giver without necessarily being a millionaire Speaking in a brief financial freedom chat with World Industry Leader's magazine ( W.I.L) the CEO of Sales people property limited was most emphatic " Money is something that is never enough ...if you have one thousand,you will surely have problems of one thousand.. If you have one million, you will have problems of one million " Money from time memorial is never enough, the secret is to learn to give out from your little " Those who can't give from their little thousand or hundred thousands can't ever give from their million's, they will be waiting for more millions before they can give and it may come and may not come, so just start by giving from your little one and when the big one come, it will be a lifestyle, you won't struggle.... But chief of all,learn to give God first " he postulated © World industry Leaders magazine reports ~ For your official press releases, production of your corporate profiles or for Advertisements inquiries, kindly contact : SMS/WhatsApp # +234 7042631895 W: Quote of the day ... " It is not fair to ask others to do what you are not willing to do yourself " ~ Eleanor Roosevelt


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