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WILSON...................Out to make life better with Classy & SOPHISTICATED Products

WILSON PRODUCTS...................- out to make life better A lot of people of recent have been asking about the big screen WILSON TV, what are they unto? WORLD LEADERS ONLINE MAGAZINE  last night met the CEO/ Chairman of the WILSON MULTIMEDIA, Chief Unachukwu IKECHUCHUKWU WILSON and he told us that "Wilsontechmedia is an Indigenous Technology Solution Provider with Global Focus. Our core area of specialization is in the provision of Multimedia Interactive Collaboration and Unified Communication products and services. They are a group of innovators who are passionate about the development and implementation of better technological solutions. . "We also strive to be apt, fast moving and flexible in our approach and always maintaining a strong focus on building sustainable partnerships and future needs of the global business technology market. . THEIR SLOGAN? JUST........ “makes it better” -an affirmation of their passionate resolve to


Renown achiever, and super global brand  lady  Oprah WINERY once posited “ If you can’t see yourself somewhere today, you will end up nowhere” This is big talk from a woman, who at 23 was first fired as TV reporter but by dint of hard work and determination is today’s one of world’s greatest  lady  alive From her early days she had decided within herself that she would be a solver of peoples problems and bring them joy ,Oprah had always knew where she was going and what she wanted from life-she was totally written off as kid, but ended up as perhaps one of the most intelligent  lady  today ever THAT story is not much different from that of the Abuja based international business  lady , fashion designer, style monument, humanitarian and real estate property developer and merchant, in person of  Cassandra  NGOZI Martina CEO  Cassandra  Ventures She has been described in superlatives. Yet not one born with massive silver spoon, from a middle class family of 4,  Cassandra