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People in Governance : "My Vision"- by Chief Timipreye Sylva,

(FOR THE RECORDS) Minister of State for Petroleum Resources, Chief Timipreye Sylva , recently revealed to the global oil audience his vision and FGN plans to deliver Final Investment Decisions (FIDs) on at least four key projects within the nation’s oil and gas industry by the end of last quarter this year. We must not doubt this man of great vision, but we must hold him to his word, for the records,  De Cerutti Media GROUP shares to you his mammoth vision “My plan is to ensure that during my tenure, four Final Investment Decisions (FIDs) are taken. I am sure that within the next quarter, we should be able to conclude on some of these FIDs so as to grow the industry, "As you are aware, we are focusing on the Ajaokuta-Kaduna-Kano (AKK) pipeline project which will address some of our power issues and encourage the setting up of local industries and businesses along different areas in Nigeria. "RIGHT now, we can tell you that we are rehabilitating the nation’s

THE LIFE CHANGING SAYINGS OF Bishop Christ Kwakpovwe.............."Don't Attempt That Suicide"

Globally respected speaker and  authority in the word, Bishop Christ Kwakpovwe (CEk)   has called on youths worldwide and the aged not to allow frustration of today world hit them to the stage of attempting suicide In first of his quite serine  by CERUTTI MEDIA GROUP FOR WORLD LEADERS MAGAZINE , the publisher of the highly sourced out OUR DAILY MANNA DEVOTIONAL BOOK was emphatic using his story as case study " Suicide is for the weak and it is not an option  for victory. am saying  this because don't forget that I was able to discover my vision to do ODM on the day I wasted to commit suicide, I changed my mind, today see what my success story has turned into, now let me ask, where would I have been had I committed such evil act? In truth our trials and struggles are only temporal and challenges allowed by God to propel our promotion to bigger heights of life" - Chris Kwakpovwe   is a Christian minister, trained pharmacist and author. He is the founder and

The Philosophical Sayings Of Osagie De Cerutti.................."ILLS OF LACK OF REST" -Brought to you by Our Daily Manna

"Rest is king but many do not know that, they toy with resting time and suffer the consequences ,in life to be the best we must allocate normal time to rest, while we must never encourage or  romance laziness or be idle life, we must note that Once stressed or sleepy........... "WE must Close shop & take a  rest or Nap .Don't ever joke with this success secret No matter the amount in the deal, we must rest or disgrace ourselves the day day in meetings or some sessions, for can ever beat nature and go Scot-free ?None PHOTOS OF SOME VIP'S WHO FAILED TO REST.......... * * Chief Mike DE Cerutti Osagie aka "Czar of Letters" -Beyond being author, global mass media management consultant, emerging entrepreaneru ; Osagie is also a trained Special Adviser who can be contacted via WaSAP + 234 7042631895  SOME OF  HIS BOOKS INCLUDES, BUT NOT LIMITED TO.......... * * * *