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GHANA's SUPERMAN ! Honorable F.Opare-Ansah donates 35,000$ worth of Emergency Goods and Champion Social Distancing, All while Backing President Akufo Addo's Tough Measures to Tackle the Spread of Coronavirus in Ghana!

Across the globe, people are grappling with the growing   COVID-19   pandemic.  Deaths due to the coronavirus have soared in Italy as hospitals try to manage high demands and lack of supplies. In the U.S., panic levels are high, with health officials advising Americans to practice   social distancing   and take extra precautions to protect their health. Yet all the way in Ghana, A superhero, Philanthropist Honorable Opare-Ansah , has been crown Superman of Ghana, for giving back to his people selflessly, right  in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak. Thankfully, the pandemic hasn’t stopped him from giving back to his communities and inspiring us all in these scary times. From acts of kindness to major donations that will help those who are sick and/or out of work, including Widows and Students,without forgetting the general population, all to protect vulnerable, immunocompromised individuals. VIDEO INSERTED BELOW! He urged Ghanaians to help Government contain the spr

LEGENDARY MEDIA VETERAN CHIEF JULIE COKER, Pays Glowing Tribute to Miss-K, on Launching The Powerful Beauty K'onference In London!

Executive Producer Miss-K What an amazing way to end the month of March 2020. Despite all the Chaos currently taking place in the world, in regards to COVID 19, just before the United Kingdom activated Phase 2, in regards to limiting social gathering, London based Multi-Award Winner, Artist, Fashion Model, Brand Ambassador and Creative Director,   Miss-K  also known as  Karina Theresa Martinez ,   who was voted  1  of  100  most influential women in the world  back in 2019, decided to open her humanitarian heart by creating an  Women   Empowerment & Networking Conference  to promote forward thinking amongst female gender in the community,dedicated to Inspire,Connect and Educate, in recognition of United Nations " International Women's Day ", marking the day with a  BOOM! As the executive producer of the aptly named “ Powerful Beauty K'onference 2020 :  Step into your Power ”, which was officially launched on March 12th in London, Miss-K made sure it wa