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Meet the International Businessman Called Emmanuel Oluoha & His Multiple stream's of Income Top Tips

" Cast your bread upon many waters for thou shall find it many days after " ~Ecclesiastics of  King Solomon  Special tribute by Mike Cerutti Osagie A lot has no doubt been said of the international businessman called Emmanuel Oluoha, who no doubt means different thing to different people For example, he has always love the good life and was nicknamed " Boogyman" while growing up and he ended up setting up a very vibrant night club called ARMNI Lounge But that is not his only line of business, he thrives on multiple streams of income For the records ; having multiple streams of income means that a person is receiving income from several residual or passive income streams at once. Residual or passive income is income that a person earns without directly putting in work. ... These are often referred to as multiple streams of income. And that is Oluoha for you ..he is into pharmaceuticals and is chairman/ CEO Klat Ltd producers of Ginklat He loves good luxurious style o

Edo Cultural Heritage Awards Update: Organisers List Various categories of Awards

• The great & Globally revered statesman , Sir Benjamin Franklin of USA once said of Honour that : " Honour is not giving to great men for what they received from the society; real honour is reserved for people who gave their all to the society " Inspired by that , the  Feche Project limited is now at advanced stage to organize  the maiden Edo Cultural Heritage awards Only last night, The Cerutti Group's special brand unit introduced the essence of the events ( please click Today,we present the various categories which will be guided by the recommendations of the FECHA PROJECT LTD Advisory Committee. 2.1 EDO CULTURAL HERITAGE HEROES AWARD CATEGORIES 1. Volunteer to Community Service of The Year 2. Best Influencer of Edo State Polities  3. Learning Program to Community of The Year 4. Innovation to Community of The Year 5. Community Youth Empowerment of The Year 6. Sustainable Pr

Edo State's Rich Cultural Heritage & Values Set For New Heights .....As New Cultural Beauty & Brain Pageant Debuts 2021

 In a bold bid to  showcase the Rich   cultural heritage /natural  endowments and  stimulate development through creativity and enterprise, a rare unprecedented beauty and brain beauty  pageant aimed at   crowning the most beautiful and intelligent queen in Edo is set to berth early next year A special brainchild of Fecha Project Limited, the proposed event is beyond just a beauty pageantry but a vision to provide a suitable  platform for contestants to gain essential life skills while also giving recognition to individuals and groups that have contributed to the general development of Edo State through politics, business and religion. Which will ultimately drive competitiveness for development. Tagged : The Face  of Edo Cultural Heritage and values .The world industry leaders international magazine gathered that this  beauty pageant is  open to contestants across Edo state ages 18-28 years and will be chosen within the eighteen local Governments in Edo State, and various local governm

Advertorial : Moji Danisa,Break it Down ! On TV CEO Says BIG Thank You To All Their Sponsors & Audience Globally

  Special Christmas + Yuletide Best Wishes.. • In a rare show of Gratitude's, the wave making TV intellectual program " Break it Down " last night sent a general thank you note & happy Yuletides to all their sponsors, crew, fans and audience globally Speaking to The World industry leaders international magazine last night, CEO Moji Danisa stated that the year 2020 is indeed a rewardingly great year Worthy of praises to God In her words " We just want to bless God for Grace and mercies, it was not all rosy Rosy, but we glad to hang it till the end of the year, consistently, what more can we say? " So today,its only natural to use this medium to send a huge  Seasons Greetings from the cast and crew of Break it Down (Communication for Development) to all who stood behind us from start to end , we wish them all happy Yuletides and prosperous Christmas ... Thank you very much for your love and support" the CEO stated *Break it Down is live on Air Every Wedne

Of Aviation Minister , Hadi Sirika & His Addiction To Polo " the Game of Kings"

  SIMPLY AMAZING..  By Mike Cerutti Osagie The enchanting game of Polo has over the years  been described as the game of Kings! All over the world the game is usually played by the elites of the society, and once, the famous polo lover Prince Charles of England admitted that “A horse is like a violin, first it must be tuned, and when tuned it must be accurately played” Here in Nigeria it is not a different story; the game has consistently been followed  played, sponsored and followed by many  top Government officials, captains of industries and elitist in the society One of such elites is Nigeria’s Minister of Aviation,  the charismatic      Sen. Sirika Hadi who is a former Member House of Representative, and assumed the Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in 2011, where he represents Katsina North Senatorial District under the platform of Congress for Progressive Change. Sirika held the position of (Vice-Chairman) of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) Committee set by the