INTERNATIONAL WOMEN DAY EXCLUSIVE: Miss-K, Shares Her Retrospective on The Giant Strides She’s Achieved in 2020 Leading to 2021, All to Inspire Other Women by Her Driving Efforts.



Miss-K is a Multiple Award Winning Entertainer, and multifaceted talented woman, who is a vocal powerhouse, a Fashion Supermodel, a Brand Ambassador and a devoted Humanitarian. Inclusively she is also a serious Entrepreneur, who during the lockdown as opened herself to being a Creative Consultant who produces Exclusive Creative Content for Tv, Magazine and more. 

Today we are so proud to see her grace the cover of International Women's Day Magazine, published in the UK, which gives a career insight from a selection of some of the remarkable women working across various industries, as well as from a number of leading females who give general counsel in the political arena, as part of the International women day celebrations.

Indeed she is the “Total Package”, a dream for the Entertainment industry and today, Miss-K reflects on 2020 while sharing some delightful images, which in a nutshell, captured the successful year she has had and her thoughts on the year that was made challenging with a host of global issues, including the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement following the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, Nigeria End SARS Movement and the hectic US presidential election just to name a few. 

12 months ago, things were a lot different. Around this time last year, I was planning my trip to making a big come back to Nigeria so I could arrive right on time for my Birthday in April. Yet, God had my destiny planned otherwise. The Covid-19 Pandemic rushed upon us all worldwide, and we all got stuck at home for months, which in the end, ended up favouring me for my greater goods. However, I must admit, 'it would be difficult to experience life in a pandemic and the current social unrest and not be changed’.

It’s been so very long since I have stepped foot onto the motherland. It’s now been 5 years since I left Nigeria and I am eager to be back, (of course, post-pandemic). I can’t wait to rediscover Lagos, and Abuja, and swim under the sun in some of those fabulous international new-built hotels, eat at some of those fabulous new restaurants & bars, and explore the town and reconnect with my African brother’s and sister’s overall. The Crazy traffic, the hot pepper soups, the loud noises of those generators, and incredible Ankara fashion is what makes Nigeria so memorable to me.

I also look forward to rekindling with my friends and colleagues from the Entertainment and Political world, which will be everything.  Embracing the evolution of this country despite last year’s hurdles with the “End SARS” movement is something I look forward to, with enormous happiness. I will be like a kid in candy land.

Who knows what this coming year will bring. As of now, I am still stuck in Winter Wonderland. (London)

Pandemic aside, I can say I had an excellent 2020 vs what I had set out to do. Career-wise it’s been amazing. I have accomplished and over delivered on most of what I had planned to achieve and beyond. These achievements were driven, in large part, by excellent contributions from many of my peers from the entertainment industry with whom I collaborated on many of those projects.


MARCH: The day before the 1st lockdown was announced in London, I managed to organize an event, titled the “Powerful Beauty K’onference” all to celebrate and empower women for International Women’s day, which was influenced by my upcoming book, titled: “Powerful Beauty, Breaking barriers with K’urls, K’urves and K’onfidence.” It was a spectacular affair. So many powerful women who happened to be my Panellists attended the event and Nigerian Mayor, Cllr. Kate Anolue who was my Keynote Speaker also enabled us to host the event in her Mayor’s chambers, where an amazing and cheerful audience turned up.


APRIL: I celebrated my birthday indoors, since I couldn’t make it to Nigeria. The house was filled with balloons, and I end-up blasting the music up off my speakers, all while chilling on the couch eating some delicious cake and receiving video calls from friends and family. Tried my best to make it a Joyful day.

MAY: I was crushed to hear about the George Floyd story, it was so moving and so painful to watch. Still in that same breath I chose to keep active and I got to produce my first TV Series production during the 1st lockdown, titled: “Icons & Leaders”- A Covid-19 Empowerment Message from Miss-K & Friends”, for which I gathered many worldwide celebrity friends of mine, including leading Political figures, Medical personalities and iconic names from Nollywood, all to empower the nation during this crazy Covid19 era, and create the awareness needed, most importantly to encourage people to use this time to get engaged with themselves by being creative and thinking outside the box. We all felt very privileged to have been able to contribute to this topquality TV series for the greater good of the population.

JUNE: My team and I were all very delighted that our Impact factor rose to its highest ever, when the TV series I had produced, got aired on National TV and got played all summer long, all with the support of our various Media Partners, with whom I am equally happy for them to have contributed to our ongoing partnership with Afro Caribbean TV Stations, like Yanga TV and BEN TV, just to name a few.

AUGUST: I was fortunate enough to organize my yearly “Kreative Kick youth Summit” virtually via zoom, where I had the honour of having Ghana former Minister of State Hon.Rachid Pelpuo as the Keynote Speaker on the day. The virtual summit generated a very strong positive response from the online audience and across our various print and electronic media platforms.

SEPTEMBER: I managed to run some major promo advert for a Nigerian Energy Drink company for which I got to shoot the campaign on the beach. Moreover, I was also privileged to be chosen to make the grand opening for a New Afro-Caribbean London based take away restaurant and cut the red ribbon.

OCTOBER: I succeeded in hosting a small private dinner by running a social media “K’ompetition” for my fans to win an Exclusive dinner with Miss-K has an opportunity to demonstrate my appreciation for their dedicated support and the many years of loyal association they showed me until now to keep alive the women platform that I created titled, “Powerful Beauty Initiative”. Consequently, I chose the 1st of October to also celebrate Nigeria’s Independence Day. Moreover, I also wanted to cheer them up a little after the very heavy first lockdown we had all gone through. My goal was to offer a fun, exciting, and entertaining dining experience for some of my female fans celebrated at one of our partners’ upscale Nigerian restaurant, an opportunity to indulge in the art of conversation of mutual preferences, all the while allowing them to receive gifts from various brands I had partnered with, allowing this entire experience to be captured on film. The mood, excitement and fun energy of the mingling and mixing with others was pleasant, as we also used the opportunity to also celebrate the launch of my Black History Month Give Away Tour, celebrated in the UK that same month of October.

NOVEMBER: Just before our Second lockdown was imposed I was able to shoot my yearly “K’ristmas K’ards”, and I was also heavily celebrating President-Elect, Joe Biden and Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris’s for their winning campaign as the USA elections. I was so proud that such a powerful duet made it through this new turn, and that such an enormous amount of the U.S.A population turned out to vote. What Historical time.

DECEMBER: Right on time for Christmas, I was presented with an “Award of Excellence” from the British Standards Awards and so honoured to end the year so gloriously. Really? Hard work does pay off.

However, despite all my wins, I cannot forget to acknowledge all those we left behind. Indeed, we said goodbye to so many famous faces and notable figures this year, a few of which, I had made acquaintance with. Hearing of their passing did hurt me real deep, to say the least, and I pray for their souls to rest in peace. This is not meant to minimize the difficulties that many have experienced, nor the sorrow in the face of loved ones dying and others suffering from the ravages of the COVID-19 pandemic, either physically, emotionally or financially. It has been tough for most, but it has been awful for many.

Nonetheless, 2021 has now begun and I am so grateful to be alive. The Year as started tremendously well, as I have managed with the help fo my team, to have the vision I had for my "New Year" photo-shoot come to life, just like I imagined it. I wanted that New York vibe, with a giant bridge and tall buildings, and yet we did it all in London and in the middle of a lockdown, that was a major achievement to begin my year with. I didn't want to just come up with a concept that would just make sense, but one that would also make a memorable impact with my audience. Additionally, as of just yesterday, I was announced to have been nominated for an award by the Nigerian Women Award, listed amongst a few Governor's wives, to celebrate the event's 10th Anniversary. Isn't this amazing ?! I am thrilled.

There is no denying that God has been generously good to me and has blessed me beyond my greatest expectations. Now, I am ready to stomp forward, towards some new abundance, gearing-up into this new winning season, boldly and unapologetically!” and I pray women around the globe will use my achievements as a platform of motivation to do for themselves, as I wish all the ladies worldwide a H
appy International Women's Day.

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