"RE-Building Nigeria Again,not Responsibility Of only President Buhari"- Says Nigeria's International Heritage Council Of Leaders In Diaspora President General,Hon Engr Godknows Victory

After  spending a whopping three decades in America, Hon Engr Godknows Victory ,founder and President General Of the  Nigeria's International Heritage Council Of  Leaders In Diaspora(NIHCOL) has stated in Abuja that the process of rebuilding Nigeria to a better and more accommodating NATION is not the sole effort of The President of Nigeria alone, but a task by each and everyone of us

Speaking in an exclusive interview with WORLD LEADERS online magazine(long series) recently,  Hon Engr Godknows Victory who is domiciled in California, but trying to make a way back to Nigeria to contribute his quota for the emancipation of Nigeria, submitted thus "WE WILL BUILD THIS COUNTRY  NIGERIA TOGETHER "

Hon Engr Godknows Victory Who openly campaigned for the incumbent President Buhari during the 2019 General elections admitted that him and his team opted for Buhari over Atiku and the other aspirants because Buhari is a man of truth who has openly expressed hatred for corruption, he lives a modest life, has no foreign bank account or estate abroad and has a long term vision for Nigeria  

But on the building process, Hon Engr Godknows Victory said it must be a collective effort,  arguing that only one man alone can not take Nigeria to the land of milk and honey "we all have a role to play to help build Nigeria, we must all come together as one to address all our problem and find lasting solution to  them all "

Asked how people in diaspora   can contribute to make  Nigeria great again, Hon Engr Godknows Victory called on the Presidency to as matter of urgency involve Nigeria's  best brains and technocrats abroad into the local system  of Government as they are blessed and armed with  many decades of international exposures  and majority are willing to return home because east or North,home is  home 

"Take for example or road,transportation and hospital services etc,it leaves more to  be desired ,our Ministers must be made to work with many of us abroad so we can positively and practically offer our wealth of many years experience in the process of building a new NIGERIA HE SAID

* Next session "How Insecurity and lack of hope by youths is affecting the massive growth of THE NATION,Nigeria by Hon Engr Godknows Victory 

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