Nigerians Rough Moment.... There is hope , says Cassandra Martina

 Current NIGERIANS Hardship...Lady Cassandra Proffer Solutions

In the face of ongoing economic and social challenges, Woman of many parts and charity caregiver, Amb Chief Cassandra Martina has stated that  it's essential for Nigerians to adopt practical strategies to navigate the hardships and work towards a more resilient future. Here are some pieces of advice from her to consider during these trying times:

*1. Embrace Innovation and Diversify Income Streams: Exploring innovative ways to generate income, such as entrepreneurship, freelance work, or skill-based ventures, can provide alternative sources of financial stability. Embracing innovation and adaptability in the face of economic challenges can open up new opportunities for individuals and communities.

*2. Seek Community Support and Resources: Building strong community networks and leveraging available resources can provide crucial support during tough economic times. This may involve seeking assistance from local organizations, charities, and support groups that offer provisions and aid to individuals facing financial difficulties.

She prayed that the president Government under Tinubu Shetiima must work hard more to save Nigerians from more economic hardship

" Every body is going through stiff moments but trust me, God will see us's just a phase we are passing, I pray our government wake up and deliver this great nation" Amb Cassandra Martina posited 

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