After Two Decades In America...Ify Sylvester steps Home to Nigeria in Grand Style

 " Fortune favours only the Brave"

Her style sets her apart...Yes Princess Ify Sylvester, a young successful Nigerian - American entrepreneur, model, Singer and speaker had always been intrigued by her Nigerian roots. Despite being living in America for the better part of her Life

She has always   felt a deep connection to her ancestral homeland. As fate would have it, an unexpected opportunity arose, leading her on a life-changing journey.

One crisp rainy day, Princess Ify Sylvester sat with us for a lengthy chat about her life in America and mission back home

Indeed in  the bustling city of Lagos, Ify reunited with her  family, who welcomed her with open arms. They shared stories of their shared heritage, and Ify soaked up every word, feeling a sense of belonging she had never experienced before. The days were filled with exploration, from the bustling markets to the serene countryside, where she discovered the rich tapestry of Nigerian culture. ..Enjoy the excerpt

*Life in America*

I moved to the United States in August 2009 at the age of 14, initially living in Skokie, Illinois, before relocating to the Bay Area in California and later settling in Dallas, Texas. I graduated from Leadership High School in San Francisco and then completed my college education at San Jose State University, majoring in Sociology and Social Sciences. During and after college, I worked in the corporate world, initially in HR and recruitment before transitioning into project management across various fields. Additionally, I pursued my passion for modeling and music through side gigs and networking within the music industry.

*Who I Am*

I am a full-time model, aspiring artist specializing in Afrobeats and Afro pop, and a music executive. I own a record label, Whyte Diamondz Records, and a music studio registered in Nigeria.

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*Areas of Specialty*

My areas of specialty include commercial modeling, brand ambassadorship, social media influencing (particularly in luxury and lifestyle), and music as an artist and executive.

*Life in America*

Life in America presented a significant culture change, requiring me to adapt to a new lifestyle and schooling system. Despite the initial challenges, I embraced the opportunities and eventually excelled, growing into a successful project manager.

*Inspiration to Return Home*

I was inspired to return home to pursue my passion for music and modeling full-time, reconnect with the culture, and reunite with my family, especially my mother whom I hadn't seen for over 16 years.

*Decision to Leave America for Nigeria*

Despite the luxuries of America, I chose to return to Nigeria to establish myself in my home country and follow my passions. As a US citizen, I can still travel back and forth as needed.

*Experience in Nigeria*

I have found myself embracing the unique aspects of Nigeria, such as power outages and traffic, as part of what makes the country special. These challenges have reignited my drive and hustle mentality.

*Music and Record Label Plans*

I have significant plans for my music career, with demos in the process of being mixed and mastered for the unveiling of my music studio. Additionally, I plan to expand Whyte Diamondz Records by signing talented artists and pushing Nigerian music to the world.

*Modeling and Luxury Consciousness*

My unique experience and background, combined with my talent and drive, set me apart as a model and luxury-conscious individual. I aim to fill a unique role as a female music executive, artist, model, influencer, and brand ambassador in Nigeria.

*Bond with My Mother, Yeye Gloria Doyle

The bond with my mother is special and sacred. She has been my unwavering support system, guiding me through challenging times even from a distance. It is my goal to provide her with all the luxuries in life that she desires.

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