Special Tribute...Dbang 20 Years on The Big Stage.....20 things you must know of Him

 "There are heroes and then there are legends, heroes get remembered but legends never die" 

Alot has no doubt be said about the super star brand called Oladapo Daniel Oyebanjo better known by his stage name D'banj

A top class singer, rapper, and television personality. His stage name D'banj is a combination of his first name, Dapo, and his surname, Oyebanjo.

 He is a co founder of Mo' Hits Records with producer Don Jazzy. D'banj is best known for his song "Oliver Twist", an uptempo dance fusion of Afrobeats and electronic dance music that topped the African charts in 2011.

Dbang who just celebrated his 20 in the big stage business has been all over the News

But in this special report, the international magazine brand called Richlist publisher, Mike Ceruti Osagie present to you 20 facts you may not know of Dbang..enjoy it and best regards to him for the beautiful future

*1. Early Life and Career Beginnings:

D'banj, born Oladapo Daniel Oyebanjo, is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, and harmonica player who gained prominence in the early 2000s.

*2. "Koko Master" Moniker:*

He is often referred to as the "Koko Master" and has been recognized as one of Africa's most influential and successful music artists.

*3. Breakthrough Hits:*

D'banj achieved early success with hits like "Tongolo" and has continued to make a significant impact on the Nigerian music scene.

*4. 20 Years on Stage:*

He recently celebrated 20 years on stage, marking a significant milestone in his career.

*5. Influence on Nigerian Music:*

D'banj has been an influential figure in the Nigerian music industry and has contributed to the development of artists and repertoire (A&R) in the country.

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*6. Global Recognition:*

His impact on the music scene has extended beyond Nigeria, contributing to the global recognition of African music.

*7. Social Media Presence:*

D'banj has a significant social media following, particularly on Instagram, where he engages with his fans and shares updates about his music and activities.

*8. Personal Life:*

His personal life, including experiences as a father, has been a subject of public interest and discussion.

*9. Mentorship and Collaboration:*

Throughout his career, D'banj has collaborated with and mentored numerous artists, contributing to the growth and evolution of the Nigerian music scene.

*10. Impact on African Music:*

D'banj's influence has played a role in the evolution and international recognition of African music as a whole.

*11. Musical Influences:*

His early exposure to the harmonica played a significant role in sparking his interest in music.

*12. Enjoyment of Nigerian Music:*

In interviews, D'banj has expressed his enjoyment of Nigerian music and its role in unwinding and relaxation.

*13. Social Impact:*

D'banj's music has not only entertained but also made a social impact, reflecting the cultural and societal dynamics of Nigeria and Africa.

*14. Business Ventures:*

Beyond music, D'banj has been involved in various business ventures, showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit.

*15. Philanthropy:*

He has been involved in philanthropic activities, using his platform to support causes and initiatives in Nigeria and beyond.

*16. Recognition as an Icon:*

D'banj has been recognized as an icon in the Nigerian music industry, with a lasting influence on the country's musical landscape.

*17. Evolution of Nigerian Music:*

D'banj has been part of the evolution of Nigerian music, which has seen significant growth and international recognition over the years.

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*18. Cultural Representation:*

His music and persona have contributed to the representation of Nigerian and African culture on the global stage.

*19. Artistic Versatility:*

D'banj's artistic versatility and ability to adapt to evolving musical trends have contributed to his enduring relevance in the industry.

*20. Future Projects and Endeavors:*

Fans and followers eagerly anticipate D'banj's future projects and endeavors as he continues to make an impact in the music world.

These points provide a glimpse into D'banj's impact on the Nigerian music industry and his contributions to the global music scene

~ The Richlist Magazine 

wishes Dbang all the best in his future endeavors 

Reported by Mike Ceruti Osagie

Head Wordsmith

Cerutti Media Group

E: chiefcerrutti@gmail.com

SMS WhatsApp+ 234 7042631895

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