Senator Ned Nwoko's Advocacy for Anioma State Creation

By Mike Cerutti Osagie 

Senator Ned Nwoko has been actively championing the establishment of Anioma State, using various platforms to convey his vision, including an open letter addressed to the Anioma people. In this communication, he underscores the significance of unity and collective effort in realizing the creation of Anioma State.

 Nwoko's recent open letter serves as a testament to his unwavering commitment to this cause and his endeavor to garner support from the Anioma community.

*Controversy and Differing Perspectives

Nwoko's pursuit of Anioma State has not been devoid of controversy. There have been dissenting voices, with individuals like the Ikoro Agbor expressing opposition to Nwoko's aspirations for Anioma State. This discord has led to internal strife within the Ika community, shedding light on the complexities and diverse viewpoints surrounding the proposed establishment of Anioma State 

*Identity and Unity

The discourse on the creation of Anioma State has also brought to the forefront discussions about identity and unity within the Anioma community. Varied opinions have emerged regarding the cultural and ethnic affiliations of the Anioma people, with some emphasizing their Igbo heritage while others highlight distinct identities. This multiplicity of perspectives adds layers of complexity to the ongoing dialogue about the potential formation of the state 


Senator Ned Nwoko's open letter to the Anioma people underscores his steadfast dedication to realizing Anioma State. The ongoing discussions and debates surrounding this initiative reflect the diversity of opinions and the intricacies involved in the pursuit of state creation. These conversations continue to shape the narrative of Anioma State's potential establishment 

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