Luxury:ENTER THE PROPERTY Business Side of the woman called Adedoyin AMANGBO....And 10 Things To Note Before Entering the Property Business


Dr. Rosaline Adedoyin Amangbo is a woman of many parts ,most of which has been celebrated in the past , today Richlist Magazine will brief you of her  involvement in the lucrative and luxurious property development and investment through her company, Jacamiah Global Business Venture. The company, Jacamiah Global Real Estate Ltd, was incorporated on April 1, 2009, and provides property development services 

This role model to many youths is skilled in entrepreneurship, real estate development, brokerage, working with brokers, and investments, and has a demonstrated history of working in the real estate industry 

Additionally, Dr. Rosaline Adedoyin Amangbo is involved in commercial property brokerage, financing, and valuing commercial properties 

It's clear that Dr. Rosaline Adedoyin Amangbo has a strong presence in the real estate industry, with a focus on property development, investment, and commercial property brokerage.

*About Adedoyin Rosaline Amangbo and Jacamiah Global Business Venture*

•Jacamiah Global Business Venture is an affiliate of Jacamiah Global Real Estate Limited, a company situated in Lagos state, Nigeria. It was incorporated on April 1, 2009, and provides property development, property brokerage, valuation, financing, and real estate consultancy. The company is licensed and certified to practice property development, brokerage, commercial (office, retail, and industrial), and specialized sectors of the building industry.

*Affiliations and Roles*

Adedoyin Rosaline Amangbo holds several significant roles and affiliations, including being the Senator to Nigeria at the World Business Angels Investment Forum. This forum is an international organization aiming to ease access to finance for businesses from start-up to scale-up to exit, with the ultimate goal of generating more jobs and more social justice worldwide. She is also the present Assistant General Secretary of the Association of Estate Agents of Nigeria, Chairman of the conference planning committee, Secretary of the Continuous Development Professional Committee, and a member of The Membership Committee. Additionally, she is a corporate member of Fiabci – NG, a diamond member at the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and an international member of the National Association of Realtors, Chicago, Illinois.

*Global Network*

Adedoyin Rosaline Amangbo runs companies at home and abroad that have a vast network of certified brokers working within 75 countries around the world.

It's impressive to see the extensive experience and global reach of Adedoyin Rosaline Amangbo and the significant impact of Jacamiah Global Business Venture in the real estate industry.

* Amangbo Speak to you ...On Things to Know Before Venturing into Property Business

*1. Lenders Mean Everything:

When venturing into the property business, it's crucial to understand that lenders play a significant role in the process.

*2. Buyers Are Liars:* This phrase is often used in the real estate industry to caution about the potential for buyers to be less than truthful about their intentions or financial situation 

So be careful when buying a new property and be sure of people you are dealing with.

*3. It's Pay To Play:

 In the property business, there's often a need to invest money upfront in order to see returns.

*4. Setting Yourself Apart:

 To succeed in the property business, it's important to find ways to differentiate yourself from the competition 

*5. Feast or Famine Business:

The property business can be characterized by periods of high activity and success followed by slower periods, so it's important to be prepared for this cyclical nature.

*6. Understanding VA Home Loans:

For veterans and servicemembers, it's important to be aware of the benefits and considerations related to VA home loans when entering the property market.

*7. Considerations for Airbnb Investment:

 If considering investment in Airbnb properties, it's valuable to be aware of specific factors that can impact the success of such investments.

*8. Ownership and Wealth:

Owning property can be a key factor in building wealth, as it represents ownership of assets that can appreciate in value over time.

*9. Commercial Property Underwriting: Understanding the factors that commercial property insurers consider when underwriting and rating a property is essential for those entering the commercial property market 

*10. Legal and Regulatory Considerations:

 When venturing into the property business, it's important to be aware of the legal and regulatory aspects that may impact property ownership and investment, such as collective bargaining agreements and relocation regulations 

According to Dr Adedoyin Amangbo in a chat with Richlist,these are important considerations to keep in mind when entering the property business, and they can provide valuable insights for navigating the complexities of this industry.

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