Leader's Today ... Overcoming Initial Setback in Life, by Dr Peejay


#How You Too Can overcome Rejection & Bounce back to the Top

" I believe that rejection is a blessing because it's the universe's way of telling you that there's something better out there" - Sir Tony Elumelu, serial investor, business tycoon & philanthropist

• This quote by the Global Africa's billionaire Dr Tony Elumelu   best fits the life and times of the flamboyant man of God in person of Bishop Dr Joseph Ighalo Edoro, aka Peejay who  is a highly respected  clergyman, big stage conference speaker and entrepreneur

He is the Leader of ‘A Touch From Heaven International Ministry and has been celebrating on his social network how he was formally rejected but overcame it by special grace of God

Last night we caught up with him to ask for tips people can use to bounce back from Rejection..

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He lectured 

•*Five Steps to Overcome Rejection*

Dealing with rejection can be challenging, but there are effective strategies to overcome it and move forward. Here are *five steps from him to help you overcome rejection 

1. *Acknowledge Your Emotions*: It's important to acknowledge and accept your emotions when facing rejection. This can help you process your feelings and move forward. Mentally strong individuals acknowledge their emotions and allow themselves to feel the pain of rejection.

2. *View Rejection as Evidence of Progress*: Instead of seeing rejection as a personal failure, consider it as evidence that you are pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone. This perspective can help you reframe rejection in a more positive light and build resilience 

3. *Seek Feedback*: Getting feedback can provide valuable insights into areas for improvement. It's important to ask for constructive feedback after facing rejection, as this can help you learn and grow from the experience.

4. *Build Confidence*: Building resilience and staying motivated in the face of rejection involves confidence building. Finding ways to boost your confidence can help you handle rejection more effectively and move forward with a positive mindset 

5. *Don't Take It Personally*: It's crucial not to take rejection personally. Remember that rejection is often not a reflection of your worth or abilities. By not internalizing rejection, you can maintain a healthier perspective and move forward with confidence 

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According to Dr Peejay By following these steps, you can develop the resilience and mindset needed to overcome rejection and continue pursuing your goals.

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wishes Dr Peejay all the best in his future endeavors 

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