Ogie Hails Edo Queens Triumph @ The NWPL....Says Victory Will Help To Further Boost sports in Edo state

 " Edo Queens Makes All Edo People Proud"

Osarodion Ogie is the Secretary to the Edo State Government and has been involved in various political and developmental activities in Edo State. He has received recognition and support for his contributions to the state's progress and development. His role and influence in Edo State seem to be significant, as evidenced by the various mentions and celebrations related to his work and achievements 

But beyond Governance,Hon Ogie is Also a passionate sports lover and couldn't help to hide his joy over the recent triumph of the Edo Queens at the recently concluded NWPL

In a revert text to Richlist Magazine, the jolly easy going Hon Ogie explained how Edo Queens Triumph at NWPL will help further boost sports in Edo state

*Edo Queen's victory in the Nigeria Women's Cup (NWPL) is expected to promote sports in Edo State in several ways, he began 

1. *Inspiring Future Athletes*: Edo Queen's victory will  serve as an inspiration for aspiring athletes in the state. When local teams achieve success, it often motivates young athletes to pursue their sporting dreams, potentially leading to an increase in participation and talent development in various sports disciplines.

2. *Boosting Support and Recognition*: The reception by the state government, including the reported cash rewards from Governor Godwin Obaseki, demonstrates official recognition and support for the team's achievements. This kind of support can encourage more investment in sports infrastructure, training programs, and overall development of sports in the state. It also sends a positive message to the sporting community, potentially attracting more attention and resources to sports in Edo State 

3. *Enhancing Visibility and Interest*: Edo Queen's victory and the subsequent reception by the state government can help raise the profile of women's football and sports in general in Edo State. Increased visibility and positive publicity can generate greater interest in sports among the general population, potentially leading to higher attendance at local sporting events and increased media coverage, which can further promote sports at both the grassroots and professional levels.

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Overall, Hon Ogie believes wholeheartedly that the Edo Queen's victory in the NWPL and the supportive reception by the state government will in no small way  have a positive impact on the promotion and development of sports in Edo State, potentially inspiring athletes, attracting resources, and increasing interest and participation in sports across the region.

- Reported by Mike Ceruti Osagie

For Richlist Magazine


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