Ned Nwoko & Dozy Mmobuosi, two successful Moguls Planning Big for More Job Creation For Nigeria's Youths

 They are both successful and renowned personalities recently spotted in Abuja in a Business meeting on job Creation for the youths, today we present their story

•   *Ned Nwoko's Plan for Job Creation in Abuja*

Ned Nwoko, a prominent figure known for his philanthropy and business ventures, has been involved in various initiatives aimed at job creation and economic development, particularly in the Abuja region.

*Ned Nwoko's Philanthropic Efforts:*

Ned Nwoko has been actively involved in philanthropic activities through the Prince Ned Nwoko Foundation. He has made significant contributions to various causes, including the renovation of roads connecting South Eastern Nigeria and Abuja, the capital of the country, with a donation of $273,000 (N100M) in 2019

 Additionally, he has been recognized for his social impact and humanitarian services, winning the Leadership Award for Social Impact Person of the year.

*Sports University and Job Creation:*

Nwoko has also been instrumental in the establishment of Nigeria's first Sports University, with the federal government approving the project. This initiative is expected to revolutionize sports and create opportunities for job creation in the sports industry.

*Economic Growth and Local Production:*

In an interview, Nwoko emphasized the importance of strategic import policies to bolster local production and drive economic growth. He highlighted the need for the government to enable banks to lend to businesses at no more than four per cent interest, coupled with tax incentives for the first five years, as a means to stimulate economic growth

*Dozy Mmobuosi's Involvement in Job Creation*

Dozy Mmobuosi, a Nigerian technology entrepreneur and author, has also been involved in initiatives that contribute to job creation and economic development.

*Entrepreneurship and Job Creation:*

Mmobuosi is the founder and CEO of Tingo International Holdings, Tingo Remit, and NWASSA. His entrepreneurial ventures have likely contributed to job creation and economic growth, given the scale and scope of his business activities 

*Rumored Involvement in English Football Club:*

In 2022, Mmobuosi was rumored to be behind the takeover of English football club Sheffield United. While this may not directly relate to job creation in Abuja, it reflects Mmobuosi's diverse business interests and potential impact on job creation in various sectors.

In summary, both Ned Nwoko and Dozy Mmobuosi have been involved in initiatives and business activities that have the potential to contribute to job creation and economic development in Abuja and beyond.

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