There are several things to learn from the life and times King David , regarded as the greatest man after God's heart

His life of generous giving to God comes out of a grateful heart and that is what touches the heart of God. David recognized that God had been extremely gracious to him. God had elevated him from an unnoticed shepherd to the position of a king. He was now living in a palace built of cedar. Out of gratitude, he felt the need to build a house for the ark of God which was being housed in a tent at the time. This decision was born out of pure gratitude to God. God was deeply touched.

So what came out of this generous desire? Several blessings:

First: God promised to make David like the names of the greatest men on all the earth. The fulfillment is borne out by the fact that thousands of years after the death of David, people are still being named after him! We constantly talk about how David defeated Goliath.

Second: God promised to subdue all his enemies before him. What a blessing!

Third: The LORD promised to build the house of David. This was more than a physical dwelling place. This referred to the legacy and posterity of David! The truth is, "except the LORD builds a house, the laborers will be building in vain." 

 These endless attitude of giving to God is today being practicalised by the Shepard and servant of God called Primate Elisha Ayodele who is set to dedicate another new sanctuary for God- a modern day cathedral

The World Industry Leaders Magazine international gathered  that this is Primate Elisha Ayodeles Token way of honoring the grace of God in his life and the people around him , as arrangemnt has been concluded to have  prominent personalities from wide and near to be attend the  grand opening of the prophet’s new church cathedral in Lagos

The event which will be taking place on Sunday, 18th of February, 2024 will have the presence of the Sultan of Sokoto, Muhammadu Abubakar; Etsu Nupe, Yahaya Abubakar; the CEO of SIFAX Group, Taiwo Afolabi; Ogoga of Ikere-Ekiti, Oba Adejimi Alagbado; international society of diplomats, and several others.

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The cathedral opening will also be the grand finale of Primate Ayodele’s 2024 annual thanksgiving tagged ’21 days of unlimited praise’. It started on 29th Of January with daily philanthropic activities which includes clearing of hospital bills, free medical and eye test, visits to police stations, visits to schools, visits to church members’ houses, empowerment programmes, to mention a few.

Also, to commemorate his annual thanksgiving programme, Primate Ayodele will be holding a second edition of palliative market today 14th of February, 2024 where food items will be sold for ridiculous prices in order to reduce the impact of economic hardship on Nigerian citizens.

In addition to these lined- up programmes, Primate Ayodele will commence the building of a mosque for the muslim communities, a bakery where the price of bread would be subsidized, a laboratory to cater for the medical needs of people, and several others.

Indeed... Just like King David, Primate is deep lover of God

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