Meet M.I Okoro - A Consumate Property Mogul..With Deep Flair For The Game Of Golf; Speaks on Why Golf is Good For All CEOs


The late Class apart author and motivational speaker, Sir Napoleon Hill was point blank Right when he mused thus... "A quitter never wins. And a winner never quits"

Such can no doubt be said of the man behind the M.I Okoro & Associates brand and  The Chief Executive Officer in person of High chief Meckson Okoro, who is no doubt a major player in the real estate business with experience spanning over three decades of successfullly putting his business among the fastest growing real estate firms in the country.

A rare motivator of sort...who in one  way or the other, has through his expertise in this very important industry has benefited many. His live television presentation on the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) network programme 'AM Express' is one of a kind that enlightens, educates, and entertains viewers with interest on property development.

But unknown to many, M.I Okoro is also a man armed with the ability of  showing great skill and flair in the elites game of golf of which he is a top executive office holder at the prestigious Ikoyi Golf club..

The RichList Magazine in Association with World Industry Leaders international caught up with him recently to tell us about his Brief background and about his deep passion for the game of golf


While starting up our company, I had in mind to contribute to the growth of Nigeria’s economy through real estate consulting and quality service delivery. That focus has not changed since then. Its only that the policies of successive governments have been militating the realisation of such dreams. If you look at real estate management in Nigeria, M.I. Okoro is a very tall figure when you drop the name. To a very large extent, I consider myself and firm as having contributed immensely to the growth of real estate in Nigeria.

* High Rise Vision

" We started the evaluation of institutional properties like that of universities. I felt that most of these properties are not valued and each time students go on rampage and damage properties, the schools’ administrations merely dip hand in funds to repair the damaged structures. 

I believe it was then that higher institutions started evaluating their properties and our firm was the first to introduce an insurance scheme for the University of Lagos, which was founded since 1962. It was a very big assignment and that gave the impetus to other universities to emulate the policy.

"Also talking about the Lagos Trade Fair complex, I was one of those in charge of relocating more than 100,000 traders. Our achievement, as a company, has been quite tremendous. In terms of internally generated revenue for Lagos State Government, they know our impact. We have assisted the Lagos State Government in ensuring the actualisation of Tejuoso Market and issuance of the property to prospective tenants. In real estates, we have developed certain services to many of our clients that I don’t need to mention their names on the pages of a newspaper. We were involved when the Federal Government called for an evaluation of all public assets all over the federation. We have done all manner of evaluation for AMCOM, banks, corporate bodies, individuals and many more.

* Now away from the corporate property development world. We wanted to know about his Passion for golf and the benefits to today's top CEO's

Here him ..

" I'm here to warn you, golf can be one of the most challenging and frustrating games that you will ever play. Unlike other sports, your opponents are not trying to hit, tackle or throw one by you. No, in golf, you're playing against the course and the conditions. 

" Sure, the goal is to get the lowest score. But, how well you do is all about you. Your playing partners can't do anything to defeat you--your winning or losing is determined by how well you play. Like in business, your fate is in your hands.

Indeed, it is the individual nature of the challenge that attracts so many to the game. 

*Asked to tell us few benefits of playing golf  by business people, he gave few advantages

Here are 5 reasons that golfing is good for your business:

1. You'll learn important things about the people who you are dealing with and even your colleagues: Golf is a game that provides ample opportunities for the player to demonstrate wonderful or dubious behavior. A missed shot or inconvenient bounce or roll provides the occasion for the golfer to act out, sulk and even cheat. Observing someone in the midst of playing can tell you a lot about the person that you're playing with.

Take clients and colleagues out and watch how they behave. If they cheat at golf, they just may cheat in business. If they throw clubs and stomp around after a bad shot, they may be prone to temper tantrums at work, too. But, on the other hand, if they can keep themselves under control and count every stroke, chances are they'll handle adversity in stride and be honest and forthright in the work setting.

2. You'll learn important things about yourself: Same is true of you, too. Observing your own behavior on the course may shed light on your business tendencies, too. If you're the type that never putts out, you may be the type of person that cuts corners at work, too. If you take a lot of risky shots on the course, you may be a risk-taker on the job. Paying attention to how you play the game, can help you to recognize some of your own blind spots.

3. It provides an opportunity to sell: Because a typical round of golf requires 4 to 5 hours to complete, it provides a wonderful opportunity to sell your goods and services to a client--they're a captive audience. If you're able to parlay a round at the club into an opportunity for lunch or a drink at the bar afterward, you just may be able to close a deal in one afternoon.

4. It provides an outlet for your stress: While golf can be the most frustrating thing that you'll ever learn to love, it can become a terrific outlet for you to handle your work-related stress. In order to become proficient requires lots of practice and tremendous focus. You can't be rehashing a sour meeting while you're trying to sink a 10 foot putt. So, playing gets you out of your work mindset and into your golfing frame of mind.

5. It provides a chance to bond: Golf can provide the player with an opportunity to build the friendships that last a lifetime. It's something that people can form a common interest in, while providing a platform to share time and enjoy a common experience--all of which bonds people together.

To be sure, playing the game with clients and colleagues gives you additional insights into their personalities. Similarly, playing the game will give you insights into your psyche, too. To become good at it requires time and patience. Golf can also become that common interest that creates the bonds that last a lifetime. 

That is chief M.I Okoro for you today, the property mogul with passion for golf 

~ Mike Cerutti

Editor in Chief

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