Unbelievable....Maya, Tee Mac performs in a scanty crowd as invitees leaves venue over obvious flop from organizers.


Postmortem to a show which could have been great! Saturday October 14th was the date of the well advertised concert/ gala night with Maya Azucena from the USA. Sponsored by the US Consulate Lagos. 

The event held at the Terra Kulture in Victoria Island. A rather boring Army band started the event which was a kind of mistake,  because they are used for Army events and Civil Service weddings. 

The much anticipated Maya Azucena Concert that everyone thought would be a memorable blast and a mesmerizing concert that blends the beauty of music with the richness of culture took a new twist as the organizers flopped the event.

Global Affairs Magazine correspondence who covered the event informed that there was not even a a bottle of water provided for guests talk-less of drinks.


According to our correspondence, guest were devastated by the incessant failure of the sound system, the bad sound system frustrated Maya"s performance, and at a time the sound disappeared completely for about 20 minutes and Maya had to leave the stage for a while. At that juncture invited guests began to leave the venue one after the other. 

Our correspondence further reported that when international flautist and former president of PMAN, Dr. Tee Mac Omatshola Iseli came on stage he performed in an almost empty hall as all the invited guests had left. 

However, even though Dr. Tee Mac Omatshola battled with a bad sound system, his performance with Maya was the high point of the event.

One of the invited guests who spoke with Global Affairs Magazine in anonymity expressed his disappointment at the organizers who flopped the event with not just a bad sound system but also bringing unqualified set of artists to perform.

"Then came a rapper where nobody could understand what he was saying. The next act was a young singer called Miles who rendered a few songs uninspired and not well presented apart of a duet with Maya. 

"I realized that people started to leave the venue. Maya started well and we enjoyed her voice; her backing band was not well rehearsed and she had to conduct and instruct them constantly. 

"Then came the disaster of bad stage equipment. Her microphone went off and after it happened a couple of times she left the stage for the crew trying to solve the problem. 

"People started to leave the venue and she came back to face a nearly empty hall. After 3 well presented songs she called Tee Mac on stage. He was lucky that the public address system did not pack up and the duet of Maya and Tee Mac was the high point of the event.  

"It was sad that this performance by two real professionals was witnessed by a scanty crowd because in the meantime the Terra Kulture was empty. 

"Organizers of events should realize that a lot of time goes into rehearsals and efforts of the artists involved, and to ruin their efforts with a substandard public address systems should not happen." He said

Maya is a great singer and we realized that she was not happy with the event, neither where the music lovers who came to witness the event!


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