The ABC Of The National Cadet Corps of Nigeria


Alot has no doubt been said of the corporate outlook National Cadet Corps of Nigeria 

In this special report, we present some basic facts you need to know about the National Cadet Corps of Nigeria 



ORGANIZATION TYPE: NGOHISTORY:The Cadet Network formerly known as the National Cadet Corps of Nigeria is a youth uniformed voluntary organization established in 2013 in Ogun State by youth development schemer, Cdt Joshua Gbolaranmi Fatoye. The organization is affiliated to the National Youth Council of Nigeia, Coalition of Nigerian Youths on Security & Safety Affairs and other Commonwealth Cadet Organizations.The history of the Cadet Corps dates back to 1909 when Nigerian was still under the colonization of the British, the University Officers Training Corps (UOTC) was established to provide a scheme offering semi-military training in colleges and institutions but later on, the UOTC was performing below par and couldn’t measure up with the standard required.

A committee headed by the Governor General,  Sir Lord Lugard and Sultan Hassan dan’Muazu recommended the Cadet Corps to be established in schools and colleges at national level. The Cadet Corps was first established in1914 when  the Army Cadet Corps Act was enacted by the Governor General in Nargata College, Sokoto now Federal Government College, Sokoto.

During the military regime in 1976, General Olusegun Obasanjo with other military generals made proper establishment of the Nigeria Army Cadet Corps by establishing the first Cadet Coy (NACC, Alpha Company) at Yaba College of Technology, Lagos.On the 22nd of June 1990, the Naval Cadet Corps was commissioned by Commander S.O Afolayan Commanding Officer of NNS Olokun now NNS Beecroft at Lagos State Univerity, Ojo.

For more effectiveness and professionalism, the National Cadet Corps of Ngeria as named and organized by CDT Joshua Fatoye on 23rd of August 2013 structured to function in institutions of learning and the community at large.In 2021 under the leadership of the Corps Commander, CDT Joshua Fatoye the CADET Network was registered under the Federal Government of Nigeria through the Corporate Affairs Commission and having its commands in states of the federation.

 SPECIALITY AREA:YOUTH UNIFORMED VOLUNTARY ORGANIZATIONSCOPE OF WORK:To teach, train and educate the Nigerian youths in the line of personal and communal defense mechanism.To initiate youth capacity building programmes for empowerment, development and humanitarian services for the progress of the nation at large.To serve as manpower in various community services such as crowd control, tour guards, rehabilitation of IDPS, first aids, emergency rescue services, census and immunization.To support the government in the reform of juvenile delinquencies of our youths from restiveness, drug addiction, arson, larceny, cultism, gangsterism and all forms of bad and obnoxious manners and behaviours to good, worthwhile and emulative ventures that can contribute towards national growth, stability, posterity and prosperity.  

To promote and propagate peaceful coexistence of all members of the society, regardless of ethnic and tribe and to support inter-ethnic social relationship in our society.To create human resource of well skilled, organized and motivated youths who can be endowed with leadership and also be ready to serve the nation selflessly.

 To motivate all members of the organization to strongly believe that they can follow any career they desire and encouraging those that are interested in any field of life.To be established in all secondary schools and tertiary institutions for the promotion of orderliness in schools and to combat social decadence being perpetrated by students, teachers and lecturers. To educate and campaing against all forms of social vices in the institution of learnig such as cultism, prostitution, truancy, cybercrimes, vandalization of properties and all forms of irrelevant rioting by students.

To harness and discover the creativity and inborn talents in our youths for efficient performance in their line of duty and to provide good platforms for the exhibition of such creativity and inborn gifts.

BOARD OF TRUSTEESFATOYE JOSHUA GBOLARANMI - PresidentSHOKEYE MICHAEL OLALEKAN - SecretaryNNANDIKA MAXWELL ONYEKACHI - MemberOMOKHAGBO PETER ABEFUO - MemberAFFILIATIONSNational Youth Council of NigeriaCoalition of Nigerian Youth on Security & Safety Affairs.West African Association of Adult Volunteers 

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