Philantropist Today: Meet Dr Teleola Martha Oganla... The " Black" Mother Therese


We will be starting off this very emotional and substantial piece with few five Robust sayings about the joy of Giving..


“It’s not how much we give, but how much we put into giving.”

— Mother Teresa


“I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver.”

— Maya Angelou


"No one has ever become poor from giving.”

— Anne Frank


“It's not about giving back if you're successful or a celebrity or how much money you have: it's about your responsibility as an adult to help others.”

— Trisha Yearwood


“Giving back is the right thing to do, whether it's donating clothing or even just a smile to someone who needs it.”

— Becky G

No doubt, to a large extent, these sayings best defines the life and times of the woman called Rev. Prophetess (Dr) Teleola Ladipo Oganla (JP) B.E.M 

She is presently the  Resident Pastor  in charge of Messiah C&S Church, London and  the Founder of Teleola Martha Christian Organisation (TMCO), a charity that care for the underprivileged, widows, Orphans, vulnerable children and adults living in the United Kingdom and Africa that was founded 8 years ago. 

Not so long ago, a globally revered online platform , World Industry Leaders Magazine international had described as the New Black Mother Therese on account of her tireless giving and how She continues to put smiles on the faces of the needy both in Africa and abroad

 A  prolific fundraiser, The international magazine brand, RichList recently caught up with her to speak on her life of giving and also taken up on Sundary humanitarian topics

* On her motivation

" My  motivation to support vulnerable children and adults comes from my  own experience of emotional and physical abuse, homeless situation and sleeping on the street when I  was a child in Nigeria and I was helped by a stranger. 

* How Have you helped your current community using your early days suffering as case study

" I  have helped the community in the UK by  mentoring, helping and rendering free counselling services to the youths and young people as well as empowering them to turn their lives around from the life of gang crime, substance misuse, knife crime and antisocial behaviour, therefore  enabling them to have a positive outcome and helping them to be healthy, safe, enjoy, achieve and make positive contributions to the society. 

My  sterling work was rewarded with a British Empire Medal (BEM) from the late Queen of England in 2020.At a colourful ceremony,where I   received my  honour from Her Majesty’s Lord Lieutenant for Greater London – Sir Ken Olisa. Sir Olisa -  the representative of the Queen across the 32 boroughs of Greater London.

* Tell us about your early days in London

" After relocating from Nigeria to the United Kingdom in 2003, I  decided to start giving back to the community and support vulnerable children and adults, widows and women experiencing difficult relationships and domestic violence. This mission was further affirmed when I  got a vision instructing her to support the needy and build an orphanage.So I  founded the Teleola Martha Christian Organisation (TMCO) - a Non-profit Organisation with an aim of catering for the needs of the poor, orphaned, widows and vulnerable children and adults living in Africa, the United Kingdom and all over the world.TMCO also provides a regular free breakfast for the community every Sundays at their  temporary site, The  Messiah C&S Church Headquarters  at Kayode Alabi Street, Lagos, Nigeria. TMCO continues to provide 150, 000 Naira monthly to 30 Widows in Nigeria for feeding. TMCO  and has provided clean water for a community in Nigeria and built a bridge for a community in Ogun State.TMCO have over 14 Children on Educational scholarships both in the Primary, Secondary and University level. TMCO has children at Igbinedon University, one of them graduated this year.Since 2019, TMCO has rented an apartment in Abule Edo, Festac, Lagos Nigeria for a grandmother with her triplet’s grandchildren who lost their mother at birth. We have continue to pay their yearly rent of 350, 000 naira and THEY give them feeding allowance.

It is on record that to date  our charity gives #5,000 each to well over 40 widows for monthly maintenance…

The charity also added vocational training empowerment to some less privileged people in her community

* By the way.. what is your message to those trying to relocate abroad after many years in Africa?

" Always keep in mind that adjusting to life in a new country is a gradual process, so it's essential to be patient with yourself. If you ever find yourself facing difficulties during your transition to the UK or any part of the world ( abroad,), don't hesitate to ask for assistance or guidance when necessary. Be sure to establish positive connections with individuals who have a deeper understanding of the system, as they can provide invaluable insights. This will help ensure that you receive accurate information and guidance rather than being influenced by misleading information or lifestyles.

* What is your take about many people and communities lacking basic amenities and needs of life ?


"In today's world, it is truly disheartening to witness communities lacking essential social amenities, orphaned children roaming the streets, and young ones being drawn into occult practices and other unspeakable circumstances. This generation should be in school or receiving valuable vocational training. The core belief of our charity organization is that by making a difference in one child's life at a time, we can turn the vision into a tangible reality.

* How will describe your state of mind as regards the impact you have made in life's of others so far ?

"It brings me immense joy to witness the positive impact that the Teleola Martha C organization has had on the lives of those we serve.

*At what point in your life did you commit to humanitarian deeds?

My passion for giving has been a part of me since a young age, but it took on an official and transformative role in 2015. That year, I felt a divine calll from God urging me to register the charity, establish an orphanage for children in Cameroon, and undertake various other charitable endeavours. Despite not knowing the precise path to make these aspirations a reality, I heeded God's call without hesitation.

* By the way... All those who you helped in past with financial grants, do you monitor how they spent the money giving to  them?

" No! The widows under our care are not subject to monitoring solely due to our provision of support; rather, it's a testament to our genuine concern for their overall well-being. We maintain an open channel of communication, offering them a direct line to reach out and engage in meaningful conversations with us.

As for students receiving grants, we diligently assess their academic performances, as well as any specific needs or requirements they may have. At TMCO, transparency is a cornerstone of our operations, a fact well-known to our benefactors and sponsors.

Regarding documentation, we maintain a comprehensive list that compiles information about all our beneficiaries, ensuring a thorough record of our support efforts.

* Who is your key role model in the world of giving?


" My  principal Role  mode is God Almighty. Giving Jesus Christ His Only begotten Son to die as a sacrifice for others to have a life. This Love is out of this world. It is an unconditional Love. Agape Love. Jesus even mentioned it as to let the whole world know that even though it was HIS Father God who gave him to the world but HE (Jesus)  Voluntarily submitted HIS life.(John 10:18) ………

Which in essence pushed me to think back to my early years. How I was abused, maltreated and neglected as a little child of 12years. That if not for Jesus Love for me, I probably would have died in the middle of those hard and traumatic experiences and moments..

This in essence opened my eyes to those who might be living in such situations and I am willing and I am driven to continue to give back etc

* Brief on Prophetess Oganla 

She holds a diploma in Secretarial Administration, a Bachelor's degree in Theology and an Honorary Doctorate degree in Divinity. 

She is married to Baba Aladura Prophet Michael Abiodun Oganla (JP) - the General Overseer of Messiah C&S Church Worldwide, and they are blessed with four children and 2 grandchildren.

Her hobbies includes but not limited to charity works, travelling, preaching, listening to gospel music and mentoring future leaders

• Prophetess Dr Oganla can be contacted via: or 

Charity contact line - 07908847680

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