African youth and distinguished experts participate in Obninsk NEW International Youth Nuclear Forum


Obninsk NEW International Youth Nuclear Forum arranged with the support of Rosatom  has set a scientific new agenda for African youths. 

More than 500 experts, young scientists and specialists from more than 70 countries, including many African countries gathered at the venue which took place in Obninsk from September, 21 to September, 23. 

They discussed global challenges faced by the industry on the path to creation of the future based on the sustainable development principles as well as the prospects for development of nuclear and related sciences, arrangement of the new system for training of the industry specialists and their career management.

In his speech to the forum participants Alexey Likhachev, Director General of Rosatom, explained “as the nuclear industry has stemmed from science, thoroughly trained specialists are very important for its further development and creation of the sustainable future”. “We are arranging the global nuclear education. It is the youth that must define what the education should be like tomorrow and over-tomorrow. Our mission is to help the youth in this work. That is why today we are arranging a unique international scientific and educational platform in Obninsk together with National Nuclear Research University MEPhI - the leader of the Consortium of Rosatom Flagship Universities - in order to train specialists for the future nuclear projects”, he said.

The attendance of the African countries’ representatives in this Forum plays an essential role for the development of nuclear energy on the continent. 

“Thanks to the creation of the International Scientific and Educational Center in Obninsk, young people from Africa will be able to learn about nuclear technologies in Russia and bring their experience and knowledge back home, where they will be able to realize their potential, bring prosperity to their home countries.

“Nuclear power engineering is an integral part of environment-friendly power balance of the future and also a symbol of decarbonization. It is essential for protection of the environment and improvement of the life quality. Clean energy shall be available for people all around the world. Education is the key component promoting formation of the strong basis to understand the importance of nuclear technologies”, noted Sama Bilbao y León, Director General of the World Nuclear Association.

Many speakers from African countries attended the event. Some of them were Thekla Mutero, Founder of Emerging Mining Association of Namibia (Namibia), Professor Dr. Sc Jan Rijin Zeevaart, General Research Manager on Applied Radiation at Necsa (South Africa), Phumlani Zipho Ngcobo, Lecturer of the Physics Department at University of Zululand (South Africa), Jacobs Carmen, Research Fellow at South African Nuclear Energy Corporation (Necsa) (South Africa), Ray Kiliho, Programmes Lead at Office of the Secretary-General at Pan African Youth Union (Tanzania), Raphael Chesori, Head of African Young Generation in Nuclear (Kenya), Mercy Joshua, Muakitalima Electronics and Telecommunications Engineer (Tanzania), Eliud Canisius Gregory, Founder and National Chairman of Youth in Technology and Engineering (Tanzania), Elsie Pule, Group Executive of Human Resource at Eskom Holdings Soc Ltd.

Ms Thekla Mutero, Founder of the Emerging Mining Association of Namibia, addressed African countries in her speech: “My counsel to the younger generation is to seize each day as an opportunity to forge your path to success. The future lies in nuclear energy. However, the creation of nuclear energy necessitates the processing of ore. And it is very much like in the ore forging, it is through rigorous study and relentless work that one's potential is truly unleashed. To the African scholars from various universities present here today, I urge you to immerse yourselves in your studies. Upon returning home, strive to be productive. Make a difference. Let's unite with other young minds in this sector and collectively work towards a brighter future”

Scientific readings, where the reports on the results of the recent research in nuclear physics were presented, the Youth Scientific and Technical Conference n.a. Ye. Slavsky, the innovation laboratory as well as educational, sport and cultural events also took place within the framework of the forum.


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