Esan Leadership Summit Not Meant To Screen, Endorse Any Gubernatorial Aspirants

 Publisher, National Chronicle, a newspaper  for nation interest, Tim Okojie Ave , head of organizing committee of  Esan Leadership Summit, has said  that the program is meant to foster unity among Esan sons and  daughters against the news  falsely spread by mischief makers that it was designed to screen and Endorse aspirants.

He clarifies the  burning issues concerning the much talked about summit coming up in September 30th at OKAIJESAN TOWN HALL, EGUARE IRRUA, Edo Central,in a briefing with news men.

He said: "To start with, Esan Leadership Summit was conceptualized to bridge the gap of disunity among our people because we need each other and except the least of us is taken care of, the best of us cannot survive. It was against this backdrop that the Esan Leadership Summit was born in 2021, and this year's edition will be the number two of such series". 

According to him, the annual event is intended to prosecute the ambitious task of working for Esan Economic,and Political future on a pregmatic basis and to set in motion an agenda for the future of Esan nation to be economically prosperous, politically vibrant,and culturally dynamic and be at peace with itself.

 Speaking further, Okojie Ave averred that:

" Our goals, like I stated earlier,are to lift from the dump heaps all valuable, workable materials, reports and proposals,and shape them into acceptable practical propositions for immediate implementation in order to physically improve the lot of our people.

"We believe that after the saturation of rhetoric, volume of academic discourse, lip services and downright deceit of politics and politricking , the time had come, through this summit, for concrete steps to be taken to tackle the multitude of problems that would have been eloquently be identified and highlighted at the summit

Responding to a question on the alleged plans to use the summit to screen and endorse  some gubernatorial aspirants from Edo Central Senatorial Districts, He said "It's apt to set the record straight. The theme of the event is: Edo 2024 Guber race: Akugbe Ahu- Unity is strength: Matters Arising. Under that canopy are issues such as Esan Economic Development, Insecurity, Esan Culture and Tourism potentials, and Esan Road Map to Edo 2024.

The purpose is to unite Esan people and make them live like one big indivisible family.There is no plans to use the summit to screen or endorse  any Edo Central gubernatorial Aspirants against 2024, which is still more than a year. " We are not INEC or political parties to screen or endorse anybody. Contesting for elective position is an inalinable rights of all,  according to our constitution, Africa Chatter on Human and People's Right and the United Nations chatter.

"The summit is purely a gathering meant to open conversation  in the way forward for Esan nation that has been denied the opportunity to govern the state in the  past 24 years of the country's democratic experiment"

Okojie Ave also spoke on the feeling by political leaders in Esan over the summit."It is obvious, it has been a bag of mixed feelings. Some say the summit is  about Labour party affair, and others say it is PDP and APC affair, while others hold different views. Nevertheless, we are not any of the political parties, we are purely individuals that deeply care about the development of Esan nation" . 

For sure he said  "we are indeed taking over from them, where they  have reached ,but not replacingng them. We want to build on their successes so far in Esan nation, to eliminate the downside and improve our collective future. 

"Of course, the young at heart, very vibrant group should be alloweded to open a new page and tell the Esan story. There is no needs to worry over the young at heart anyway, because our old politicians   will remain our custodians of valuable wisdom.

On the calibres of people being expected at the event, he said: "All the true born of Esan nation, sons and daughters home and abroad who are pained about the Esan dwindling fortunes. I will not be able to mention all of them because of space constraints but the Chairman of the occasion remains Chief Barr Friday Ibadin, retired Commissioner of Police, our Special Guest of Honour is High Chief General Cecil Osolease Esekhiagbe, phD, retired, while Avm Gregory Agboneni, rtd, AVM Tony Okpere,rtd, among others are the elder state men of the event.

"Our key speakers include, ACP Patrick Ejedawe, prof. Omon-Oguguo, Chief Dr. Ebosetale David Aigbefoh, Esq and princess Aliu Linda Omonzele, Prof Sylvester Imomulen, and Dr. Luke Okojie, among others.

 The climax of the one day summit, he intoned will be the official presentation and launching of Esan Leadership and  Footprints, a compendium on Esan Titans, who is who in the past six (6) decades of Esan's existence as a race. "Men and women that have made Esan nation proud through their selfless and patriotic efforts, and 

the book will be launched by the indefatigable leader and Esan Business Man of the year,  Elder Famous Enearu, JP, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Classic Marine Services limited

 "There will  also be Esan cultural dance and Esan fashion parade.


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