Edo 2024 Grand Governorship Election : New breed Politician & Technocrat, Hon.Kenneth Abhulimen Puts Self Forward For The Plum Osadebe House Benin Top Seat


* Says..." Let's  stand by the principle of honesty, fair play, and trustworthiness; it is now the turn of Esans- Abhulimen


As the countdown to the 2024 Edo Governorship Election thickens, a new breed Politician, business man and technocratic brand Hon.Kenneth Abhulimen has put himself forward for the big job saying fair play must be observed as the focus must be a hand from the Esan area and nothing more 

He said anyone trying to turn around this wish of the mass populace will not find peace

*Who is Hon. Abhulimen? World Industry Leaders Magazine international went to town to fish out his brief profile

Hon.Kenneth Abhulimen is a confirmed Esan man who was born in Uromi in Esan North East Local Government Area of Edo State .

 He had his early and tertiary education in Lagos and Edo state, respectively. He holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration from the University of Benin, a Bachelors Degree in Political science from Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma and National Diploma in Agriculture, from the School  of  Agriculture, Awai Asaba, Delta State. He has long been involved in politics and has served in  various capacities  as Councillor, Head of House, and SSA to the Edo State government.

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Before he joined politics, he was an entrepreneur investing in Petroleum, Agro-Industrial  Chemicals, and Publishing. He is the managing director of three (3) registered companies, namely, Nedo Nigeria Limited, Kedia Nigeria Limited, and The Messenger Magazines. 

Hon Kenneth Abhulimen has built his wealth of experience  from his involvement in state operations since the early 90's when He was the Personal Assistant to the then Governor, His Excellency John E.K Odigie -Oyegun. From all His sojourn as a political actor in different areas of our political system, he has developed a burning desire to raise the bar on governance in order to take Edo State to a higher level of development. 

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As a grassroot political mobilizer,Hon. Kenneth is a living proof of His words.

He is peaceable, modest, full of energy, and willing to serve.

The people hold in high veneration his sense of duty and ability to reconcile the opposite. He is a goal getter, a pace setter, and an achiever.

There is, therefore, no iota of doubt that He can be trusted with the affairs of Edo state.

~ That is Hon. Kenneth Abhulimen for you for now.. the man who now preaches:" Let's  stand by the principle of honesty, fair play, and trustworthiness; it is now the turn of Esans to rule Edo state

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