A Weekend Classical Read... The story of Ex- President Good luck Jonathan & Legal luminary Mike Ozekhome SAN: A Tale of Best friends forever (BFF)


"True friends are great riches & A good  friend is one soul abiding in two bodies." — Aristotle.

In life, there is nothing as sweet as true friendship and true Friendship is a relationship of mutual affection between people.

It is a stronger form of interpersonal bond than an "acquaintance" or an "association", such as a classmate, neighbor, coworker, or colleague.

Another phrase for good friendship is Best Friends Forever” ( BBF) which  is a phrase that describes a close friendship. 

The words "Best Friends Forever" is deep pragmatic word and not all humans are privilege to enjoy BBF

BFF is a term for someone's best friend or close friend and is characterized by trust and permanence, irrespective of the number of times the meaning of friendship has been changed in their lives.

BFFs are usually in close contact and have shared experiences, such as attending the same school or sharing musical tastes. Relationships described as BFF are common in high school & middle school and often decline when the parties go to college...if they are lucky it last till adulthood

The term BFF does not necessarily convey exclusivity; depending on a person's individual interpretation or philosophy of the concept of "BFF", an individual may not have more than one BFF simultaneously.

A perfect example of some people that enjoy a BBF relationship is two men not other than ex president Dr President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan,GCFR and  and Professor Mike Ozekhome, SAN,CON, OFR, Ph.D, they are best friends turned brothers figures and just last night they were both caught in jolly mood after an exclusive meeting that ended with both eminent personalities doing the now famous  

" Daddy's Style", popularized by the celebrity constitutional Lawyer and leading human rights activist,when the two friends visited each other Last night

•Life is beautiful so enjoy your moment with your BBF

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