Opinion....Obulu Convener, the 'No Excuses 2023 Nigerians' Group writes Tinubu/ Shettima.


Dear Sirs,

Your excellencies' ascendancy  to the presidency of Nigeria is seen by the citizens of this country as the only basket, in which we can put all our eggs in and they wud not be broken, your ascendancy to the throne have, therefore,  stabilised what we the citizens wud want to describe as stabilising the national blood pressure of Nigeria.

We went further to ask the Nigerian opposition the national question; 'If one wins 25% of the fct and loose the remaining 36 states in Nigeria, will that person be declared winner of a presidential election? The answer is No!

We the citizens of Nigeria fought and run a voluntary independent campaign for you  under the group, 'No Excuses 2023 Nigerians', therefore, we appeal to u not to make the deliberate mistake of saying you  want to bring politician of national unity for future election, No! The citizens should be rely on on all future elections and Your brilliant performances will speak for u.

Instead, u should concentrate on Your well crafted Government of National Competence (GNC) which will allow excellent participation from an array of brilliant Nigerians, like former Gov Wike of Rivers State, a proponent of infrastructural extravaganza and a polician of the decade in the memory of the citizens  Hall of fame.

Pls do not bring back all the previous ministers and governors in the immediate administration; most of them  have been tried, tested and certified failed in their national endeavours, why bring back failures? If u do not go after the looters, the looters will go after u. Punish them Now!

Your excellencies, we know you  will consider national spread and federal character on all national appointments; from North, South, East and west! In Benue state that some of us hail from  pls consider someone as a minister from amongst the youths who will combine creativity and innovation to pivot the country from the marginalised zone c of the Benue state.

Finally, we appeal to Peter Obi and Atiku to withdraw their cases from the tribunal and take the county from the promising new beginning!

God bless Nigerians without evil men.

Tom E. Obulu

Convener, the 'No Excuses 2023 Nigerians' Group...


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