An Encounter of Two Style Moguls.......oAs Young Afrocentric Designer Dhabrikhenchy Meets The Legendary Africa's top-notch Designer, Moshood in New York

 Historical Setting At Last ....

* The name MOSHOOD/Afrikan Spirit has become synonymous with a style that personifies the “spirit” of Afrikan pride. 

Originally from Lagos,Nigeria Moshood arrived to make his mark in New York in the early1980s. After years of tireless effort and hard work he opened his boutique in Brooklyn, New York. This year marks the 22th anniversary of Moshood’s flagship Brooklyn store. Moshood’s timeless pieces bring together the traditional beauty of Afrikan tailoring and a taste of western flavor. His fluid and elegant designs have been embraced from Harlem to Soweto, Lagos to Bahia, London to Tokyo, and New York to Kingston.

No doubt a big brand to look forward to seeing any day, so it was such a feeling that occured live when the top international Nigerian born new Jersey City based Dhabrikhenchy recently Payed homage to the man who is regarded as one of  the worlds biggest veteran African designer Moshood Neyork 

A most memorable encounter both Stars had swell moment discussing several issues and how to network together in future with Moshood accepting to list Dhabrikhenchy  for his show 30th july.

No doubt an encounter worth treasuring

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