THE Grand 2023 Presidential Election Is Here....." Vote for the man with best economic policies to deliver Nigeria; vote Peter Obi to rediscover Nigeria" - Balogun of Allen warns

• Business Mogul &  Human Right Activist, Balogun Of Allen Makes Another Fresh Case For Peter Obi

* He is the best Economist to save Nigeria

* We want him as next President, we are set 

 * Igbo's must speak with one voice, he States

A lot has no doubt been said of the man called Peter Obi, who in the past has been globally referred to as an astute economist

Who is he?

Peter Gregory Obi is no doubt a top  Nigerian politician and businessman who was the vice presidential candidate in the 2019 Nigerian general election under the People's Democratic Party.

 He was the former governor of Anambra State serving from 17th of March 2006 to 2nd of November 2006, when he was impeached and from 9th of February 2007 to 29th of May 2007 after his impeachment was overturned.

Although a fresh election was held on the 29th of April 2007, he was reappointed governor on the 14th of June 2007 after a court ruling that he should be allowed to complete a four-year term.

He won on the 6th of February 2010 election for a second term as governor.

But beyond being a Politician, he is  also seeing as a highly respected economist and technocrat

And as the 2023 presidential election draws to a close, a Lagos based international businessman, new breed politician and Hunan right activist's, in person of  Chief Charles  Ibik. The Balogun Of Allen has called on all and sundry to consider the option of Obi as our next President

Speaking to Cerutti Media ,the Balo Allen  stated

" Obi is the  presidential material, he has the best economic policies for our problems for  he is one of the best economist in Africa today, 

" Nigerians and not just  Igbo's must unite to have Obi as Nigeria's next president, astute economist, good manager of funds, industrialist and serial thinker, what  or who else do we want as our next president? The Balogun wondered

" We must collectively unite and set aside cheap sentiment and look for men who can liberate our economy, look at rate of dollars vs naira; look at the way masses are lamenting, now to 2023 we now have choice to right this pathetic economically state of our dear country " he summed 

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