State of The Nation.....HRH Kuraja King of Hausa's Predicts Very Peaceful 2023 Presidential Election.... Commends Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwoolu ' s Humanitarian Deeds via Pallatives Scheme ..


As the D- Day towards the much anticipated Presidential Election 2023 draws nearer , a royal father in the land, HRH Alhaji Ahmed Haruna Kuraja, the chairman of the chieftaincy council of Arewa community and Sarki overall of Alimosho LGA, has predicted a most peaceful and rewarding election for all

In an exclusive interview with us at his Palace recently, the Royal father stated

" There is no cause for alarm...I see peace ahead, let our people speak with their PVC, vote for your candidate's of choice and go back home and wait for the results by INEC,I for see peace ahead" he assured

Meanwhile, in a Swift  reaction to the harrowing experiences Nigerians currently battle as occasioned by the President Muhammadu Buhari led government's resolve to emplace a cashless economy similar to the practice across developed economies of the world, Lagos state governor, Mr Babajide Olushola Sanwoolu, has been commender for  kick-starting  a relief initiative encompassing meal banks for the vulnerable and a fifty percent discount on all public transport fares for the period of one week for a start to cushion excruciating effects on Lagosians.

Speaking on the development, HRH Alhaji Ahmed Haruna Kuraja, the chairman of the chieftaincy council of Arewa community and Sarki overall of Alimosho LGA, heaped praises on the Lagos governor for a timely intervention, noting that, the initiative will without doubt, largely negate the technical knock out Nigerians, especially Lagosians are faced with as  ripple effects of the currency redesign move by the FG.

The royal father, went ahead to call on other governors  across the country to adopt the Lagos approach in their states, adding that, it was the fastest route to ease up the people's challenges, douse tension and panic pervading the nation over the demonetization imbroglio.

His words " Lagos  state Governor Babajide Sanwoolu is a Born humanitarian, he feels the pain of the people,have reduced fee of Lagos govt buses..provided several

 palliatives etc,he is a man worthy of emulations  ,he knows what Lagos state template is,we must celebrate him" the king of Hausas told world Industry Leaders Magazine in his palace last night

He assured that it is only a matter of time and everything will be back to normal  in the country as a whole 




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