The event was a most amazing and historical session, this is what the flamboyant Igwe has to say to the world

" I am delighted to behold the presence of everyone at this historic occasion which hilariously marks my 50th year Anniversary Celebration. I owe immeasurable gratitude to God who it has pleased to sustain me in these five (5) decades of my sojourn on this planetary enclave despite torrents of vicissitudes and challenges. 

"I am equally not ungrateful to my relations, in -laws, friends, well wishers, spiritual and temporal leaders and all lovers of humanity who have known me from Adam and have motivated and inspired me to remain steadfast and faithful to my creator and to the principles of moral etiquette. To begin with, let me appreciate in a special way the esteemed presence of my fellow Traditional Rulers and their Ugoezes, members of the Oha Uratta Council including Ndi oha Akwakuma for their impressive support to me since I was crowned the Eze Udo III of our community. Yours indeed has been the best of examples for the coming generation to emulate. 

"Celebrating one's birthday. 1 believe is a veritable opportunity for one to embark on sober reflection about the purpose of life, strengthen one's communion with one's creator while taking steps to rectify areas of imperfections and inadequacies for greater service delivery to God and humanity. Given the myriads of growing global upheavals which manifests in both natural and man-made disasters, for one to attain a golden jubilee age calls for not only wining and dining with friends and relations, but also saying 

"God, I love you because you have been wonderful and merciful to me." Distinguished guests, peace, unity and tranquility are indispensable ingredients for meaningful living and co-habitation. We must continue to live in peace, tolerate one another despite our short-comings and as the Eze Udo III, I will stop at nothing to ensure that peace reigns supreme in our community at all times Our pre- occupation should be "what should I do to make Akwnkuma greater and better than it is currently

" As the saying goes "the history of all hitherto existing societies is the history of class struggle." We must continue to forge ahead as members of one family and eschew those issues that might throw spanners in our wheel of Progress. At this juncture, let me appreciate the positive results of the shared prosperity agenda of His Excellency Distinguished Senator Hope Odidika Uzodinma (Onwa Onyoko) our Governor in our community. While the Owerri/Orlu road which passes through our community has since been reconstructed, an imposing roundabout at the Umuonyali-Mbaeri road has also been reconstructed, just as the headquarters of the Owerri-North East Development Center is located in our community. 

"This unquestionably is democracy dividends in action and we are bound to reciprocate this by avoiding any act of sabotage to the state government. Election is around the corner please go and obtain your PVCs if you have not done so. The Owerri-North Local Government Sole Administrator Chief Tony Umezuruike (Aririerimba Uratta) and the Coordinator of our Development Center Hon. Maxwell Obodo are equally doing their best to give us a sense of belonging in the scheme of things and so let us continue to cooperate with them. 

"I am optimistic that the year 2023 has many good things for us. Already, the first salvo has been fixed with the ordination of Rev. Augustine Odinakachukwu Iwunze as a Deacon. His eventual ordination as a priest of the Roman Catholic Church will hopefully come up in a couple of months which is unprecedented in the life of our community. Let us gird our loins and be prepared for that great day. 

"As you all felicitate and rejoice with me and my family on this momentous and joyful occasion, I pray that God showers his blessings and mercy on each and every one of us to celebrate our 50th birthdays, become Sexagenarians, Octogenarians, Nonagenarians and centenarians in Jesus name, Amen."

* What a great moment in history!

Long live the His Royal Majesty 

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