SPECIAL TRIBUTE : MOTHER, EZINNE FELICIA, ULOAKU, UTORO, EMENYONU. (Nee Aliri) of Umu- -Okorie,Amawom, in Owerri Municipal Council of Imo State; Mother of Top American based Nigeria fashion designer Dhabri-khenchy passes on

The exit of this great mother , humanitarian and lover of God has been officially announced by her family

 Funeral arrangement will be publicly announced by the family in due course .

Her beloved son, American based Nigeria fashion designer Dhabri-khenchy was contacted and he confirmed it

In a chat with us ..he went poetic and stated

'Rose Garden with pretty pink roses.  Photo Sam Erwin

My Mother kept a garden.

A garden of the heart;

She planted all the good things,

That gave my life it's start.

She turned me to the sunshine,

And encouraged me to dream:

Fostering and nurturing

The seeds of self-esteem.

And when the winds and rains came,

She protected me enough;

But not too much, she knew I'd need

To stand up strong and tough.

Her constant good example,

Always taught me right from wrong;

Markers for my pathway

To last my whole life long.

I am my Mother's garden,

I am her legacy.

And I hope today she feels the love,

Reflected back from me...rest on Mama"

We further caught up with him to tell us of his dearest mother,here are the excerpts:

* Can you please tell us briefly about your late mother?

Thank you...my late lovely mother was a beauty to behold, in and out. 

An ardent Christian, not just by words, I mean she lived Christ, taught us and everyone around her to emulate christ in all circumstances. Ohhh!! my mother never opened her mouth to speak ill of anyone.

 Mama practically lived in church, avoiding terrible persecutions she went through. She Smiled over storms and was ever winning. 

* What are the fondest memories you can recall of your late mother?

There are quite a few ; but Chief of all is she always had one interesting story or the other to tell us that made all of us to roll on the floor.

 My mother, there was no dull moment with her children. She would do anything for her family. She loved her husband so dearly. Mama!!

* Tell us about her Christian lifestyle

She was a very good evengelist, she once owned a poultry, but would rather use her eggs to invite people to church, and to bless the ones who went to church. 

My mum could give anything out. She once gave her set of furniture out. 

She encouraged love so much. She would always say that if you love like Christ every other thing will be easy... 

My mum didn't quest for material things at all. She just lived for Christ. I also know that she used to go out to take care of the elderly. She was very subtle and yet strong. 

Ewooo, mumsy!!!!!

* What are some virtues the youths of today can learn from her?

Love of Christ, steadfastness, strength, honesty, diligence.

Storms are real but like eagles you will soar and you will emerge on the other side, by Christ. 

Rest in your heavenly palace, my mum.

We heard she was stylish and you got your secret of style from her? 

Yes...she taught me all there is to know about the needle and thread business.

She was very fashionable and inspired Fine Art. 

I was told she instilled the gift of fashion in me as early as when I was 5 years old.

 I learnt from her as a seamstress and a school teacher. 

She ensured I schooled throughout childhood in Art oriented schools,I bless her for making me who I am today.

* May her gentle soul rest in peace *


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