2023 Presidential Elections......." Shine your eyes " Senator Moro Warns

As the countdown to the Presidential election draws near, Senator Patrick Abba Moro , the top  Nigerian educational administrator, philanthropy , politician and former Minister of the Federal Ministry Of Interior- has called on all Nigerian voters to be vigilant 

Currently a serving Senator who was  elected into the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria[ replacing David Mark, a two-term senate president (6th and 7th Assembly) and one of the longest 

When such men speaks, the Youths and political watchers must listen attentively

And just last night, in a brief exclusive   interview with World Industry Leaders Magazine Senator Moro charged

" The much awaited and much anticipated Presidential election is finally here 

" The future belongs to the Youths and they must shine their eyes and reject to be deceived with falsehood or with money like we saw in the last election

" Are Nigerians happy today ? Are they emancipated? The answer is No. When PDP was in power, were we not better off than  now that many Nigerians are suffering even to eat thea mandatory 3 square meals a day....the opportunity to vote the best person to change our fortune is here and I urge the Youths to shine their eyes and say no to a government that lacks compassion for her masses" was Senator Moro' candid advice for the millions card carrying youths expected to vote at the 2023 Presidential election

* More on Senator Moro later..

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