The Luxurious Sneaker By A.TESTONI Arrives Nigeria in Grand Style @ Bevista

 Bevista, the top Lagos based upmarket brand of the discerning elites and people of opulent taste in style, have announced the arrival of the much anticipated 2022 collections of the Luxurious Sneaker By A.TESTONI

 The World industry leaders Magazine learnt from the top gentlemen's stockist ,that the  luxurious collections which comes in different colours and taste remains an ideal collection for the true connoisseur and the Testino sneakers  remains a big plus for all the modern  men who are  seeking the best in :


• Style 

• Comfort

•Fashion statement & 

• Self confidence on the go

~ Check the new collections @ Bevista today 

#Basic facts About the A. Testoni luxurious collections

~ A beautiful Beginnings

Since 1929, when Amedeo Testoni opened his doors for the first workshop, high quality designer shoes have been crafted. Exclusive and extremely unique creations, the shoes are designed with secrets of the Bolognese craftsmen that the founder learned from and then improved upon Italian luxury leather goods utilizing a variety of leathers from calfskin to ostrich, and even crocodile provide challenges and complex materials for the brand. 

Selection of the only the best, testing for resistance and excellence, hand sewn by experts in the industry, and all to bring perfection to the brand products.

*It’s All In The Details 

The company foundation is built on selecting the finest materials and then using original technique and solutions, hiring only skilled artisans and high craftsmanship to provide the highest quality. The Filettone is a detail that is a very distinct mark for the brand. Reverse hemming, a solution that only the brand offers and provides that extra touch, elegant and exclusive, a border to the cap toe. Another exclusive mark for the brand is the Spiral, where a thin ribbon of wound leather is applied to the sole hem. This is a signature detail for every shoe. Every shoe that is made requires a minimum of 200 manual steps. 

From hemming, assembly and finishing, each process requires specific procedures. Wheeling and stamping the soles, carefully trimming the edges, then exquisite and intricate procedures for antiquing, shading, and polishing. Each shoe is brushed to perfection creating that brilliant finish.

* A story of comfort ...

Testoni shoes are known for comfort and excellence. The construction of the shoes begins with the upper being hand sewn to a special kidskin lining, made to fit like a glove and guaranteed flexibility and comfort. The brand holds a patent for the Piuma Rapid construction process, it is entirely done by hand and results in a light as a feather shoe, that also protects the foot from heat, cold, and humidity with insulation

A combination of construction techniques provides the brand with the quality and refinement they are recognized for. Norweigan construction provides the brand with exclusive handmade braid stitch, done with linen twine and orginally was used in European mountain boots. The brand crafts collections for year round, and reflects the Made in Italy style they are respected for. The collections are modern expressions of elegance, formal styles, informal designs, the finest leathers and superior design and craftsmanship. Today the brand is known worldwide and produces footwear, bags, wallets, belts, leather goods for men and women and exotic leather that requires the expertise and processes that Testoni is known for.

 Globalization has taken the brand to the Japanese, Far East and USA markets and continues to provide Eastern and Western Europe with the very best in styles and products. Excellence in every detail is what built Testoni, and what continues to be a firm foundation.

* No doubt, a great news to have Testoni footwear brands live in Nigeria

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